Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor Island is a three-tiered water falls that offers refreshing water and a unique water activity such as Tarzan swing.

It is three-tiered because for every tier or every layer, a water fall will welcome you, together with its swimming lagoons. The water originates from natural springs and water sheds. The inviting clear water promised a great experience, renewing your whole self, both body and soul. One should not miss the opportunity to go to Cambugahay Falls once you are in Siquijor Island.

two of the three tiered waterfalls of cambugahay falls in siquijor island

We arrived in Cambugahay Falls.  It is located in Lazi, Siquijor.  Entrance and environmental fee is only P10, about 0.2 cents of a dollar.  The area is government-owned. 

The 135 Steps

cambugahay falls in siquijor

To encounter the lake, you need to go down 135 steps.  Many steps are a bit higher than an ordinary height of a  step. These steps are made of cement, binding medium-size rocks.  Some steps are wet and might be slippery so one needs to be careful on each of every step.

Excitement Begins in Cambugahay Falls in Siquijor Island

The First Waterfall

While going down, you will hear the water falling and some shouting.  These shouting came from the act of swinging from a person hanging from a sling. The momentum of the jump will made the sling bring the person to the center of the water.  Then that person will release his hold from the sling, in which he will fall on the safe drop part of the water.  It is really exciting and challenging.

This is the activity on the first waterfall, aside from the regular swimming on the cool water.  

There are two more falls on the upper part of the place.  We continue walking, climbing a little, making big steps for small waters and crossing a wooden bridge, until we had a great view of the two waterfalls.

The Second Waterfall

The second waterfall had much nothing to do aside from dipping your body, swimming or just find a place under the water falling.   This waterfall is not deep enough that you can just walk and stay under the soft falling water.  It is a very relaxing nook to stay. 

The Third Waterfall

the third waterfall of cambugahay falls in siquijor island

Each waterfall has something new to do.  On the third and last fall, you can ride a bamboo raft together with your family and friends, and smoothly sail under the falling water.

Or you can jump from the higher ground.  Just observe first on what others do.  Or just check first if you can dive on the area you wished to jump for.  

There are life vests available on the area.  Snacks and rice meals are also being sold.  But you can bring your own food.  There are tables and chairs on the place.

The Tarzan Swing

After seeing the three falls, we came back on the first one because my friends, Marie and Zaide, would do the adventure.  Residents call this the Tarzan swing.

Marie and Zaide climbed a tree top platform. They climb up a stair made up of thin trunks trees.  This wooden platform was made as holding area to the ones who will do the Tarzan swing.  There are several platforms around this area.  Not only in just one side, but around, where a Tarzan swing could be possible.

When you step on the platform, you would get a hold from their swing.  Hold it with your two hands.  Since it is a bit higher from your height, your arms turns upward while holding the swing.  Put your weight to your hold, and jump from the platform.  And you will swing all the way up to the center of the water.  You will then release your grip from the swing and you will dive feet first on the water.  Whew!  Really great!  You had really released everything you had!  You felt reborn, whew!

Others who are already expert on this activity, would swing all the way to the center bringing all the power of their jump.  But as they come to the center, they would not release their hold to the swing.  Instead, they allow the swing return to where they jump from, and land on the platform again.  Real Tarzan, great fun!

A Cheap Water Activity

Tarzan Swing activity costs P30, about $0.60.  And this is for unlimited chance to make tarzan swings.  That means you can do the tarzan swing repeatedly with that very cheap cost. There will always be assistance available.  After the tarzan swing and you dove in the water, you can swim back and go up again on the platform.  You may get tired but you gained a renewed spirit.

After their two turns in the tarzan swing, we decided to come back and start climbing up the 135 steps.  Oh, this time, it’s tough.  Just take one step at a time.  And rest whenever your body told you so.  Listen to your body. 

Great Offer

As you reached the top and near the exit, you will be aware that many are selling bottled water that you did not noticed when you enter.  It seems that vendors knew that you are huffing and puffing from your climb, and they are like angels offering you a savior drink.  Nice business.

We crawl up on the mini cab paying a P20 parking fee.  It was still cheap, and assistance was given on every inch of the way.

We went to the nearest canteen for our lunch.  The group decided this type of eatery so we can just choose from the prepared dishes rather than ordering from a restaurant and waiting for the food to be cooked.  Time is running.

You can view our whole story of all our adventure in Siquijor here, including this Cambugahay Falls.


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