Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort is a 4-star resort that had gained multiple awards that are recognized by the Department of Tourism. 

Visiting a great resort like Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort will give you the best green destination, excellent food, world-class facilities and good experience in their services.

Sabang Beach at daluyon beach and mountain resort

Sabang Beach

Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort is located in Sitio Sabang, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.

To reach Sabang Beach where the resort is located, a one and a half-hour drive are needed from Puerto Princesa City.

We were fetched at around 11 am by a van through the service of Private Transfers by Daluyon Resort. Rate is P3,000, about $58, one way from Puerto Princesa to Sabang. The same rate would again be charged upon returning from Sabang to the city’s airport.

The road had several portions that are zig-zags but you can have a stop-over in Karst Mountain Elephant Cave to be inspired by the limestone view and the cave in the form of an elephant. Here, you can get some stretch on your legs from the long ride and take some pictures. 

Karst Mountain Elephant Cave becomes more interesting when the place was included in the Amazing Race in the year 2012.


Arrival at Daluyon Beach & Mountain Resort

As you are welcomed upon your arrival, a citrus refreshing drink is served.  You would feel the rural charm yet there is the hint of modernity as you scan the surrounding,

Pawikan Restaurant

Their Pawikan Restaurant is so inviting that you cannot help but to sit and order their appetizing food.  We had chopsuey, boneless crispy pata kare-kare and adobong pusit.  They offer an above-average meal that was so satisfying, served with the warmth and charm of their food servers.  And there’s a lizard on the pond! 


Oh, where did it go?  What a warm welcome.  It seems this vacation would be full of great surprises.

We started walking down the path to the place where we will stay for 4 days and 3 nights.

Beachfront Cabana

The place where to stay is a hut, actually, a beachfront cabana.  From outside, it looked like a hut, but not just an ordinary nipa hut, because they made it modern in style.  

It is made of native materials that are available in the surrounding that can cause no damage to the environment when used.  Because of these materials, air freely circled from outside to the indoors.  It has cogon grass roofing that keeps the inside cool even on sunny days

beachfront cabana in daluyon resort

It is in real beachfront for you would only need about a few meters to walk from your cabana to the beach.  Yes, the beach is right in front of you.  You can watch all the waves from your own cabana’s veranda while sitting back and drinking the view.

Inside, it is equipped with wooden, local furniture and real Palawan assets.  It is very cool.  It seems you are treated really special. 

The Rooms

They have a Beach Front Deluxe B that accommodates the four of us.  It is simple, yet elegant.  Catching my eyes is the divider standing with such dignity presenting itself on its wooden form.  Almost everything is made of wood.

Rate is P8,800, about $170, for two adults. But since we are four adults, an additional of P3,000, about $58 is added totaling P11,800 per night, about $228. And we would spend our next two nights here in this beachfront cabana.

Our third night would be spent on a 2-bedroom Junior Suites. Rate is P11,000, about $ 212.

The Veranda


Feeling at home, without any chores at hand, is the best description as you settle on one of the seats on their veranda. Oh, such a lovely sea.

view from veranda of cabana of daluyon resort

Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort History

After freshening up, we headed outside to explore more of the resort.  The greenery caught not only my eyes but my heart as well.


These towering trees that are scattered in the vicinity are the same trees standing when Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort not yet existed.  That only means that they had preserved these trees and adjusted their landscape plan just to retain them.  They had made a great green space giving relaxation to the eyes.

Award-Winning Resort

daluyon resort view

The Resort’s main intention is to be one with nature, to prove that they can offer a smooth, relaxing vacation to their guests while retaining the natural life of the things that had existed when the resort was not yet established.

This is one of the reasons why Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort had been awarded the level 4 Anahaw Certification, the second-highest level of a national green certification program.  The Resort is also a 3-time awardee of the Asean Green Hotel.  It is also recognized as Excellent by more than 800 travelers from around the world and considered as the 2019 Traveller’s Choice by Trip Advisor.  Need I say more?

We walked until we reached the wharf looking through the souvenir stores.

Coming back while walking on the shore, I began to gather my thoughts about what I had researched about the place.

What is Daluyon?

Daluyon is a word from a Cuyunin dialect in Palawan, which means “wave”, for Daluyon’s waves are strongly felt on the whole resort. 

waves crashing in daluyon resort

It is felt not only when you are on the beach that you will soak your feet on the beach water while the waves continuously lightly surging towards you.  You will also hear them even you are inside your hut. 

Definitely, our first good night’s sleep will be accompanied by the sweet music of the waves.  And upon waking up, the sight of the sea and the sound of the waves will welcome our day for a great start.

soak feet in water at daluyon beach and mountain resort

Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort have a beach with a shore carpeted with its powdery sand, with a great view of the West Philippine Sea.  Early morning walks promise a soothing effect on the soul.

a view of sky and mountain in daluyon

At dinner, we ordered food from their restaurant so we can just eat on the veranda facing the beach.  We had 4-cheese pizza, bolognese and pansit bam-I.  The food was superb.

It’s 9:30 pm, sitting on the veranda, watching the waves rolling down on a distance. A distance that is not far enough to witness the lines of waves speeding on the shore. Got no wind here but what made those waves tumbling and roaring?

Even the trees are not swaying, is it the magic of nature? The waves, the chirping of insects, the bite of a mosquito on my elbow and the stillness of everything, made this evening perfect.  Oh, I got a new bite on my knee.

Then I decided to go in and sleep. The two single, extra beds were moved nearer to the big bed to get some coolness from the aircon.

First Morning

I am up at 4:30 am to get ready for breakfast. I am a big breakfast eater. We need to be at the wharf at 7:30 for our Underground River Adventure.

At 6 am, I opened the breakfast buffet of Pawikan Restaurant. Yehey!   There’s chicken, fish, cinnamon roll, croissant, mango, yogurt to name a few.

Oops, time is up.., we were asked for our preference for our lunch handling the set menu on us. After our Underground River Adventure Tour, they would surely prepare our lunch so it would be ready upon coming back.

Puerto Princesa Underground River

puerto princesa underground river

To magnify this experience, the whole Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour is in my next article. 

When we came back from the tour, we went first on our cabanas, especially after experiencing the first hand Palawan summer heat, to freshen up a little.  Then we headed to the restaurant for our lunch.

A Cute Friend

Eating lunch in Pawikan Restaurant, while viewing the lizard standing on a rock on the center of the pond, is such an entertaining incident. 

I had the same feeling when dining on the seaside in Jo’s Chicken Inato by the Sea in Negros Oriental. It is real, great experiences when you choose to indulge your food while being in the center of nature, may it be a sea or a pond.

We tried to lessen the heat we felt by gulping on their mango and buko shakes together with their refreshing salad.  While sipping, I never noticed that the lizard disappeared.

The place is packed with tourists.  Being our family the only Filipino local tourists here, I felt more of a foreigner than the plenty of English tourists present.

google like answer for nature

The Swing

After lunch, we went back to our cabanas.  But we chose to stay outside, having a tree and a swing under it, waiting for us. 

And as you seat on the swing, you will remember the childhood memories left in you and picture out the children’s playground in Luneta Park while your father holds the swing for you and gently pushing you to swing up.  It is the effect of having a swing like this, giving you a breeze even the sun is burning. 

It is good to have a swing like this, refreshing the moment and refreshing the past.

swing at daluyon resort

On the beach were foreigners swimming while the sun was up high, giving its enormous power and heat.  Tourists like them very much prefer to swim under the sun.

A Birthday

click on the view of palawan

And on us, we made a dreamer’s wish come true.  That is, celebrating his birthday on a beach lounge chair, eating real, fresh fruits.  The view of the vast sea while sipping on your buco juice is a perfect celebration of life.  Happy Birthday!

Rip Current

We waited until 4 pm before coming down for a swim. The waves were real, bumping on your butt.

We prefer to swim near the shore coz we’ve been frightened by the wave’s force, and, maybe, because of the warning posted on the CR’s wall.

You will keep rereading it while you were sitting comfortably on the toilet bowl.., the one-page poster stressed on the rip current present on this beach. Saying how to manage yourself when caught on this current that even a great swimmer can’t overcome. .. so we just made ourselves at home on the seashore.

We made a short walk to reach our cabana, so near.  Glad there is a faucet, beside the stairs, to cleanse our heavily sanded feet. 

Upstairs, the bath is separated from the toilet.  The water surge refreshingly.

The Bigger Cabana

Our cabana is beside the Daluyon Suite with a private swimming pool, aside from the resort’s pool.  And the visitors of that suite had just left. 

Since Ed saw the cleaning staff tidying it up, Ed dropped by to see the bigger cabana.  He felt how cold the room was from their aircon so he told them that ours was not that cool. 

One of the staff immediately went to our cabana and cleaned the aircon filter.  Few twists and twitch were done and made the aircon improved its blow giving us a cooler room.  We were very thankful for their prompt attention.

Powered by Nature

Beachfront cabanas, including ours, are powered by nature.  It means the energy comes from their solar technology. 

Solar panels light the room.  This is one of the ways they continually do the green practices that they had implemented since the start of their journey.  That is why they carry a Level 4 Anahaw certified resort, the second to the highest level of a new green certification recognized by the Department of Tourism.

nature in daluyon beach and mountain resort

Just recently, Daluyon had made another milestone on their goal to be powered by nature.  They are now officially powered by solar energy from Sabang Renewable Energy Corp. (SREC). 

They are the first to be connected on its grid in Sabang, Puerto Princesa.  Everything went smoothly, what they had dreamt, now becomes a reality.  The full glow of the resort is a result of their never-ending pursuance for clean energy.

We then took a walk around the resort.  There was so much happening here. 

An Extraordinary Pool

kiddie pool in daluyon resort

Even though there is the beach, they still had these swimming pools for their kiddie guests and adult ones.   

And this is not ordinary pools because they are now using thalasso 100% mineral sea salt that promotes relaxation and has a natural spa-like effect on the skin, leaving it softer and moisturized.

Yes, compared to chlorine which was the standard use for swimming pools, this thalasso mineral sea salt is gentler on the skin and eyes.  Isn’t it terrific? No more worries for it’s absolutely safe!

pool in daluyon

And since Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort is not crowded, you can own the pool! Oh yes, there are times that it is real vacant from swimmers that you can spend quiet moments alone. 

The pool is blending with nature and silence.  Or, why not take a dip and perform all your kept secret swim strokes without any worry.  Truly, it will be such a great experience.

The Indoor Games

billiard indoor game in daluyon

Continuing to explore the resort, you will come about on their billiard tables and dart games.  Things are not limited only to swimming.  You can enjoy these sports with your family. 

dart indoor game in daluyon

Being relaxed, it would be easier to aim the eye. 

The Gym

And if you want to flex your muscles, they have their Wave Fitness Gym that is open for 24 hours.  Now, you see, that is what you call a real complete vacation.  No worries about the bulging tummy.  Eating superb and heating the excess.

A Sweet Room Service

Dinner time came and a continued feast was celebrated for Ed’s birthday. 

Before the ordered food was delivered, room service came doing a short clean-up of the cabana with a touch of flowers and chocolate.  How sweet…

We ordered pancit sotanghon, sisig, calamari and an all-meat pizza.  The food was superb.  No diet, please.  We slept on cooler beds.

The Second Morning

Of course, I am early to rise, excited for breakfast.  Love their waffle, cinnamon, mango yogurt and the timid sweetness of the lady servers.  It was also great to appreciate the flowers surrounding us. 

And, of course, the pond that I look forward to seeing each time we are here.  Now, it got lots of fish.

We requested my son’s breakfast for he was a little sick from the sores and chops on his lips and could not able to come here.  It was not such a problem for the staff would gladly prepare breakfast for him.

Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour

At about 1:30 pm, we had another tour arranged through Daluyon.  It was a Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour.

Riding a paddleboat, with a life vest on, an older woman will serve as our boatman and, at the same, would be our guide on this tour.

As she paddled the boat, she told us that this mangrove has a huge area that is well-maintained and protected.  This mangrove blocks the waves that can cause damage to the surrounding. 

The Mangrove Trees

Here, you can see century-old mangrove trees.

mangrove paddle tour in palawan

And on one of the mangrove trees, hangs a snake that is not moving, or maybe, sleeping.  On the whole tour, we happened to see three snakes and a bird. 

At this late time of the day, we were considered lucky to see a bird flying.  Very informative and she sang!  No, not the bird, but our guide.  She sang about this mangrove.  Clap! Clap!

snake in mangrove tree in palawan

Great Importance

The paddleboat tour lasted for about 40 minutes.  We were very much educated with the importance of mangrove.  We must learn to take care of it, in our own little ways.  Just to start, put your little plastic wrappers back to your pocket or your bag to avoid littering. 

A zipline was just nearby.  But we did not go for it.  We were not feeling adventurous at that time, probably, because of the summer heat.  So, we just went back to Daluyon.

Our lunch consisted of Sinigang na Baboy, Pinaupong Manok and Inihaw na Pusit.  The food is always mouthwatering, always delicious. 

And look at that, the table cloth and table napkins changed.  They changed them all every meal.  And the food servers had sweet, little talk on us remarking about our late lunch, which would have us a late dinner.

The Transferees

junior suites in daluyon palawan

For this day, we had transferred to a bigger cabana because that’s what the availability calls for.  This one had two rooms with a toilet and a bath for each. 

The place was a little bit older compared to the first cabana, but a different angle on the view outside was still spectacular.

delighted scene at daluyon beach and mountain resort

It was cloudy because the low-pressure area was still on the Philippine Area of Responsibility.  I still had not the chance to see Daluyon’s sunset.  I hope it would still be possible.

We stayed on our large veranda watching the beach, the swaying of the trees and the bar in front of us with its guests.  It was so relaxing just to stay up here. 

bar in daluyon resort

So this is our 6th day in Palawan, the 3rd here in Daluyon and our last night of stay.  It seemed that it was a long time ago when we were in Manila.  Each time passing by seemed a lasting memory that will forever stay in our hearts.

The Best 3rd Morning

window in cabana daluyon

Early at 6 am, our room at the back had a view of the trees and looking at it, I was amazed with…Whoa! What’s that, a mouse?  No, a rat climbing on a tree?  No, not a mouse nor a rat, it had a very hairy tail.  Is that a squirrel?  There’s a squirrel here? 

Then a white, big bird glide on top of the trees.  Wow…Then there’s the black little one, is that balinsasayaw?  The one bird that the guide to the Underground River was discussing on the boat? 

Wow!  This is called bird watching.  I forgot to move.  To move might change what I am looking at. 

A silly voice kept whispering in my ear – if you stand perfectly still, the scene will perfectly continue.  I forgot the time, truly exhilarating.

Daluyon had not only given me the chance to hear the birds chirping and the sound of insects, but it had also let me experience the wonders of it all.

Watching the squirrel going up and down the tree, and the birds flying and gliding are so much to thank for.  Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful last morning in Daluyon, Palawan. 

When I went down and asked a resort staff, he told me that it is true that they had a squirrel in Palawan called “bising” and the white bird is a “tagak” or a heron.

goal in daluyon

Best Food, Warm Service

Of course, I had a very much satisfied tummy for Pawikan Restaurant’s breakfast buffet.  

During this whole stay in Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort, I kept wondering why the food servers are a little bit serious.  But now, it was not important how serious they are. 

It was just, maybe, they are just like that.  It was a little factor compared to everything around us. 

If I was speculating if why are they like that, a lizard would pop, or a fish in the pond would catch my attention, even the table cloth was another thing, and I would wonder on them all, forgetting my meaningless thought on the servers.  Anyway, they are like models, less smile. 

But I will not forget the concern on their faces about the late breakfast they delivered to my son.  I just whispered the message to the head waitress but I heard from the kitchen that they cling-wrapped a plate for a sick boy and a male server urgently delivered it to our cabana.

The Hammock

hammock of Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort

I walked to the shore toward the hammock.  Look at that.  The serenity of the morning, the whispering murmur of the sea and this swinging bed hanging with its cord end hook and tied on nearby trees. 

Just the mere look of this scene swept my heart with gladness.  Isn’t it so awesome?  Daluyon would continue to give you more even to the last day of your stay.

lie in a hammock in daluyon

My Little Ghost Crab

And I saw a ghost crab.  And, luckily, I had my phone with me, so I happened to record its strolling

ghost crab in sabang beach

Ghost crabs are common shore crabs found in tropical places like this.  They are called ghost crabs because of their color which blended with the color of the sand of the beach. 

So, they most likely camouflage with the sand that you would fail to see them.  So I hope you had a good look at them on my picture and video.

It is very likely with the ghost crabs in Lio Beach of El Nido, the another side of Palawan that we also visited.

Up to the last minute, Daluyon had given me one of the wonders of my summer life.  Thank you, Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort.  You’re a thumbs-up!

soar spirit in daluyon

Puerto Princesa Airport to Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort

We packed our remaining things and crawl in the van to our trip to the airport.  We are not in a hurry, the driver made a relaxing two hours of travel time.  A 1 ½ hour traveling time is the estimated time from Puerto Princesa airport to Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort, and vice versa.

It had given me enough time to reflect the one-week long vacation here in the most beautiful Palawan.

The beach, the greenery, the food and the scenery are pieces of a puzzle that made a perfect vacation which is all fit together in Palawan, especially in Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort.


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