A Dubai vacation will never be called a real and great vacation without their Desert Safari adventure, one of the top things to do in Dubai city.

The Weekend

breakfast in costa top things to do in dubai

My third day was a weekend here in Dubai, it was a Friday.  For Dubai’s Fridays are non-working days or day-offs.  We had our breakfast at Costa having tuna cheesemelt and coffee, while discussing with excitement the schedule of the day: visiting La Mer Beach and the Desert Safari Adventure in the afternoon.  These two activities are two of the Top Things to Do in Dubai.

La Mer Beach

La Mer Beach Dubai mural street art

The next activity would be going to a beach.  It is La Mer Beach and Restaurant, a beach in a city.  The place has palm trees lined up in their roads and mural street art.  You are going to walk to their road covered with street wall painting. 

La Mer Beach street wall painting

La Mer Beach is a relaxation destination from the busy days, where you can swim, play or just seat and stretch on the sand.  You can view the water, and also the city buildings defined on the sky.  The smell of the water and the smell of the city combined, made you realize that you are entitled to unwind even if you were too busy on your work.  This is what La Mer Beach offers to their residents while a great experience is to its visitors.

La Mer Beach top things to do in dubai

You can also dine in here in La Mer Beach, they had restaurants offering wide range of selection, or even shop in their boutiques. 

Ed in La Mer Beach Dubai

After a half-day having the feel of the wind from La Mer Beach, we went to Fridays for lunch where I feasted on their ribs. 

Dubai Desert

At 2:30 pm, a coaster would pick us up for our Desert Safari adventure.  We had arranged this tour through an agent.  Guests, like us, were all gathered in a mall, with some twenty plus more tourists joining us with the desert adventure.  We then rode a coaster in which our group were now about near thirty.  The travel to the next location took about less than an hour.  Then, we came to the next pick-up point.

This time, we were grouped into seven, for the next vehicle was a 4×4 SUV.  A group could choose if they wanted to have a solo vehicle for them to ride, or allowed others to join in to fill the seven group members.  We were already six in the group, and a tourist was added.  So, we started our first adventure.

activities of desert safari adventure

This Desert Safari package was a little cheaper compared to other package, for you were allowed to join others.  It was not restricted to your own group only.  You had a choice to join in if you are a solo traveler, or if you had not completed the seven group members.  It is very flexible, your money stretching a long way.

Dune Bashing

dune bashing desert safari adventure

At 3:30, we had our Desert Safari Ride, in this 4×4.  The activity is called Dune Bashing.  It is an activity of driving a vehicle in desert sand usually desert mountains in 4×4 SUVs.  You can enjoy the beauty of the turning dunes under the sun.

It was a bit like a roller-coaster ride having our vehicle tilt, swirl, round and bounce.  It was a 10-minute experience riding across the desert, a great feeling specially having a kid in the vehicle.  He reminds us the simple happiness of being a kid, shouting on every bump, shrieking at every curve.   It was satisfying to be with this family, feeling belonged. 

dune drive desert safari dubai

Dune Drive

One would have nothing to worry about the ride because the organizer gave an expert desert safari driver.  He is licensed and well-knowledgeable for the task given on him.  He is absolutely professionally trained for first aid, which is very rare practised because each tourist is protected from being injured with the seat belt for each rider, and it has roll cage fitted on the vehicle.

desert safari dubai

After the bumping and bouncing, and all were in one piece, we were dropped off to the Safari’s camp.

Camel Adventure

Here, we lined-up and waited for our turn to the chance of riding a camel and for picture taking.  It took about twenty minutes before taking a ride. 

Riding one was not easy.  While you are in your line waiting for your turn, you need to observe how others do the riding.  So, when it will be your turn, you are a little bit familiarized how the camel moves.

How to Ride A Camel

First, the camel will be on a sitting position.  As a first timer, the only chance you can ride the camel is in its sitting position.  You must be flexible enough to stretch your legs upward to put it on the huge back’s camel.  Then drop down your leg to the camel’s other side.  It was hard for me, I admit.  I am not that flexible, but I did it.  Then, upon sitting, hold the handle in front of you which was attached on the camel.

camel adventure top things to do in dubai

Be aware that the camel will stand first through its back legs.  It is better if you can lean back to counteract the camel’s motion.  But, as I said, having this the first time encountering a camel, my only choice is to hold the dear handle.  As the camel started to stand on its back legs, the move brought my whole upper part body forward in such motion that shocked me, even though I thought that I am quite ready for this situation.

But the camel is not yet finish, it will then, of course, stand on its front legs to achieve its standing position.  And, of course, your body will rock on the opposite side, banging your back side on the back part of the beast.  No chance of recovering from the first shocking motion and, now, you seem thrown up to another position.  You will then wander what you look like after all these first moments. 

It is scary yet funny.  Do not miss this chance.  Try stretching your body from time to time and flexing those muscles.  You need those for events like this.  I saw some tourists from the waiting line that cannot make through on the camel’s back.  They just dropped the idea for riding the camel.

Camel Ride

camel ride top things to do in dubai

So, as you were sat up, relax your body and let your body sway from the movement of the camel. In our part, me and Erol rode the same camel at the same time.  We really had fun.  It was only a short-time riding because the camel only took some meters on a circular pathway.  But, it is all worth it.

 I just hoped that the camel had not had a hard time on me and my friend’s combined weight.  A desert safari adventure completed with this camel’s ride will always bring smile on my face whenever the memory of the experience returns.

Safari Sunset

desert safari sunset

The warmth of the desert became so lovely when combined with the view of the desert safari sunset.  It will captivate your heart being overwhelmed of the satisfaction you felt with all the activities brought by the closing day.

Desert Safari Dinner

The happenings were not yet over, before 6 in the afternoon, while viewing the sunset, we walked to the Safari camp for the buffet dinner. The fee for the dinner at the camp was included on the payment of Desert Safari trip.  There are only some things that have extra payment.  Of course, Erol had paid my share, and everyone’s share, who else.  That’s why I could not tell you how much this trip cost, because I am a little bit shy to ask.  I am just sure that it is real valuable for the act not only came from the pocket, but from the bottom of his heart.  Thank you, my friend!   


As the sun sets here on the Safari, we had a buffet dinner consisting of chicken, beef, rice, pita bread, salad, appetizer and samosa.  A samosa is a fried or baked dish with a savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, meat, or lentils. It may take different forms, including triangular, cone, or half-moon shapes, depending on the region.

Beef Samosa

I choose this beef samosa from the managed buffet table.  Beef and potatoes are its main ingredient.  It is then flavoured with other additional stuff and spices.  It is then fried… I enjoyed


But aside from the allotted dinner which was a managed-buffet, Erol also ordered for drinks.   What’s this adventure without a drink? 

drinks in the dinner buffet

The Show

fire show in desert safari tour

Belly Dance Dubai

So, there were some presentations: a belly dance, a tanura and a fire show.  We watched each show while we leisurely sipped our bottled drinks.  You know, it’s real hot on a desert camp that one really needs a good spirited drink.

The Desert Safari Departure

We departed at about 9:30 pm bringing all the good memories to be cherished for a lifetime.  But who knows? I may ride a camel again some other future time.

The whole day was such an overwhelming experience. And I was just on the middle of my stay in Dubai. The welcome party they had given me on my First Day in Dubai in Boracay Nightclub still lingered on my head. And, my Second Day in Dubai which were the relaxing stroll on malls and a visit in Burj Khalifa was still felt by my sore, leg muscles. But it had not stop me for the third day’s activities – the La Mer Beach viewing and the Desert Safari Adventure. And, still I am inviting you for my next escapades. So, join me tomorrow for the Best Things to do in Dubai. Have a nice day!


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