Exploring Dubai Museum tickles your mind, trying to acquire knowledge, proceeding inside to satisfy the craving of learning the beginnings of Dubai.

Al Fahidi Fort

dubai museum in al fahid fort

The Al Fahidi Fort is the oldest building in the area.  It became the Fort because it has been in the border for defense.  Then, this fort became an arsenal for the storage of artillery and weapons, then also became a prison. Then, the fort was renovated during the time of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, making the Dubai Museum housed in Al Fahidi Fort.

Dubai Museum Location

Dubai Museum is in Al Fahidi Street in Bur, Dubai.  You can reach the museum through the Dubai Metro.  It has Fahidi Station nearby.  I used the Dubai Metro, a station that was just nearby my hotel.  It was very easy to go around the city even if you do not have your own vehicle.  It will always be possible when a Dubai Metro is around.  Dubai Museum is also accessible through a public transport bus.

dubai metro

Dubai Museum Opening Hours

The Museum is open from 8:30 am until 8:30 pm, from Saturdays to Thursdays.  On Fridays, it is open from 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  There is a change in the schedule during Ramadan.

How much is the entrance fee in Dubai Museum?

Children under the age of 6 have an entrance fee of Aed1, about $0.27.  For adults, the entrance fee is Aed3, about $0.82.

Dubai Museum

dubai museum entrance

Dubai Museum unveils the history, culture, tradition and life of people who lived in old Dubai.  There are various galleries, halls and a central courtyard, strategically arranged for visitors to understand deeply the development of each stage of their historical events.


The courtyard is in the center of the halls. From here, you can go near the cannon and boats.  A small boat that had been carved from a single tree trunk is called Al Hourey.  The bigger boat that used to transport people between the two sides of the creek is called Al Abra.   These boats were one of their means of transportation.

boats in the courtyard of dubai museum

 An Arish, a traditional summer house, can be viewed near the well and water tank.  This Arish house illustrates the simplicity of living in Dubai’s ancestors.  The needed spaces for sleeping, seating and comfort room were designed for their simple living. The house is made from woven dried palm leaves.

Inside arisha house in dubai museum

One of the characteristics of this Arish house is its wind tower.  A wind tower is a wind catcher that traditionally used across the Middle East.  The windcatcher catches the cooler wind on a higher level and drives them down into the building or a house below.  It is an early kind of air conditioning that provides natural ventilation.

arisha house with wind tower


Upon entering indoors, the hall displayed musical instruments and the early weapons used for the defense of the fort. 

spiral ramp in dubai museum

Next was the journeying down through a spiral ramp.  This would take you to life-size dioramas of an earlier era in which you can glimpse a store owner, tailor and other shops with their craftsmen.  These dioramas show the normal works of their earlier time.

life size diorama in dubai museum


dhow making

Dhows are huge traditional wooden boats used to be loaded with cargo to be transported over the sea.  They carry dates, fish and mangrove timber.  Dhows are the symbol that the state has a great connection of the vast sea, not only as mere transportation but a livelihood and for the growth of the economy. 

dhow a cargo ship

Dhow-making is a traditional craft in Dubai that is dying with the entry of modernization.  The skill of boatbuilding had been disappearing since many of the craftsmen passed away, and many of their young were not interested in the skill.

Today, boatyards prefer to work on modern materials such as glass fiber rather than on wood because it is cheaper and very low in maintenance.


Pearl-diving exhibit is one of the highlights of this gallery. Pearl diving was once a high-paying job in Dubai. It made a major contribution to the history of Dubai.

pearl diving in the gallery of Dubai museum

Pearl divers moved in the coastal area of Dubai to be nearer to their work.  No tourist was allowed to practice it without the approval of the higher authorities.  It was traditionally done in a systematic way in which each one in the dhow had a role to accomplish.  This atmosphere was also carried out on land as well, giving a smooth communal atmosphere. The diving needs a strong body and will.  A pearl diver would use a nose clip and wax to seal their ears.  They would dive to collect oysters on the seabed, holding their breath for a few minutes until they could not hold it out.

Many families had gain wealth from pearl-diving.  Sadly, pearl-diving declined when the Japanese began cultivating pearls in the 1900s.

Dubai Museum Experience

I went in with just a little knowledge of Dubai.  And I went out with an abundance of learning that it was still hard to swallow it all.  Digesting would take some time.  Connecting the past to the modern Dubai is quite not easy.  Comparing their humble beginnings to what Dubai is today has proven that hard work and great ruling go hand in hand. 

Atlantis The Palm

As the starless night came, we decided to take some moments to Atlantis The Palm. This 5-star hotel in Palm Jumeirah had a shine on its own, having lighted in the darkness of the night.

Atlantis The Palm hotel

Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island built in the shape of a palm tree.  A palm tree that has a trunk with its leaves or fronds in it, is the shape of this island.  Fronds are the ones you see swaying on a palm tree in tropical places.  

The trunk has a length of 3 miles long.  The fronds are lined with hotels, grandeur villas, parks, resorts and hotel residences.

Atlantis The Palm is located in this Palm Jumeirah.  It is on the top part of the island.  This grand, 5-star hotel has a theme of Atlantis combined with an Arabian touch.

Best Things to Do in Dubai

Visiting Dubai Museum and Atlantis The Palm are the two best things to do in Dubai.  Both experiences had given me great knowledge of what Dubai is.  The understanding comes next when one had analyzed the hard work contributed by everyone to reach the great status of modern Dubai now.

Other Things to do in Dubai are visiting the tallest building in the world and malling on one of the biggest malls in the world. And to add to your excitement, you can join me on my Desert Safari Adventure and Dubai Canal Cruise. There is so much waiting for you.

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