Dubai, United Arab Emirates is one of the seven emirates on the southeast coast of Persian Gulf.  The capital of Emirate of Dubai is Dubai City.  


This Dubai trip was an exciting one for I had a chance to visit a close friend, with very cheap airfare, free accommodation and a tour on almost all the emirates of UAE (United Arab Emirates). 

It was all wrap on my 7-day stay in Dubai.  So, come with me to explore the best of this vacation, from the time I arrived at Philippine airport until my whole stay in Dubai city. 

Certificate of the Not the Same Person

certificate of not the same person
Certificate of not the same person

It had become very natural for a ‘question and answer’ session from an Immigration officer due to the fact that I had the same name-questionable status in the derogatory database of Immigration.  But this time, I was quite ready for I had already my Certificate of Not the Same Person document proving that I am not the one. So, the session became shorter compared to my Thailand trip three months ago.

Airfare Sale for Dubai United Arab Emirates

I look forward to this vacation of mine in Dubai.  The airfare ticket had been purchased through Cebu Pacific’s Valentine Sale for 143 pesos, about $2.86, base price, and considering that I had a buddy in Dubai, I decided to avail one.  I only paid the amount of 3,500 pesos, about $70, round trip, compared to the regular fare of 25-27 thousand pesos, about $500-540, great saving!  You can check out how I do flash decisions on a flash sale on my soon-to-be written article.

Airport Skyview Lounge

airport lounge before travelling to dubai city

I ate at the airport Skyview Lounge, a great advantage having achieved a platinum card on RCBC credit card, and this is one of my privileges.  But eating had no effect on my little long-time headache.  I just tried to relax and closed my eyes while waiting for the boarding time.  I tried to review on my mind all the things I had researched on the place.

Dubai City

Dubai is the capital city of the Emirate of Dubai.  There are seven emirates in their country, United Arab Emirates.

One of the emirates is the Emirate of Dubai, in which their capital Dubai was where I would be in the next few hours.  I hoped I could visit some of the other emirates.

Dubai is a very rich place, an effect from the oil revenue they had received and made great development in the city.  Now, revenues from business, trade and tourism are high on which Dubai’s economy relied.  Dubai plays a significant role in the global economic system, making them a global city.

I expect that it would be really expensive, even hotel rooms are said to be like that.

Dubai’s infrastructures are modern reflecting their ports, roads, building and bridges.  The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, and to view the 7-star hotel, Burj Al Arab, are on my list.  Other plans depend on my friend residing in Dubai.

I researched the dos and don’ts of the place, so I can be ready especially for the days that I would go around alone.  Since the country has a different culture and belief compared to mine, a little review is a must. 

One needs to respect their culture and tradition, and abide by their laws, even if sometimes you feel awkward or somewhat cannot fully understand what was going about.

What Time is it in Dubai Just Now

Dubai Airport

The flight was smooth, a 10-hour one.  I arrived 2 am Philippine time, Thursday.  And adjusting with the time difference with Dubai, it was only 10 pm, Wednesday.  It is a 4-hour time zone difference from home.

Boracay Night Club

Fetched by my friends, we went straight to Boracay Nightclub, a bar on the 6th floor of Asiana Hotel.  Boracay Night Club is named from one of the islands in my hometown, Philippines, having its popular white beach.

Boracay Night Club in Dubai United Arab Emirates

 The place is a nightclub, our beers served with “Crispy Pata” – Fried Pork Knuckles, a famous accompaniment for drinks. 

The atmosphere of being in Boracay is greatly felt, with the Pinoy bands playing, terrific sound system and special lighting effects. And even the gigantic monitor was welcoming and announcing my presence, such a Filipino spirit in the heart of Dubai.  The feeling of a great beginning bathed me together with the spirit I had gulped.

At 12 midnight, we went to the Hotel in which Erol had a reservation for me.  Actually, he did not only reserve it, but he also paid my whole 6-night stay, lucky me. 

Panorama Hotel Deira

Panorama Hotel Deira is located in the center of Dubai.  It is near Al Ghurair Shopping Center and BurJuman mall, and some shopping areas, which I would discover soon.  It is even near Dubai International Airport and the Metro Station. 

In between our talks, even Gold souq and tourist attractions are really just nearby.  So the hotel is a great one, and maybe, after a little rest, I could gather my thoughts and figure it out more.

panorama hotel deira in dubai

The room assigned to me was not yet available, so the hotel gave me a bigger one, a suite.  

And since the night was still early, friends stand by on my suite, considering it was big enough to accommodate them for more talks.  That’s how much we had missed each other. 

Boracay Nightclub was not enough, a forgotten headache was not remembered.  It was a great get-together.  Unforgettable first night in Dubai until the early morning of 3, that my buddies thought of going home and left my place.

The suite is quite big for me, considering it has a room and a small seating area.  It was well decorated with such a nice furnishing.  A private bath, a led tv, a fridge and a phone. I have nothing to ask for, just some sleep.

Do not forget to join me tomorrow for my exciting 2nd day in Dubai. I would definitely also wanted to try their great Desert Safari Adventure and Dubai Canal Cruise. And, of course, their famous Gold Souk and the Grand Mosque. Hope to see you there. Goodnight!

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