Gold Souk Dubai will provide you the rich history of Dubai. It is a must for tourists to visit even though the real intention is only for window shopping.

My 7th Day Stay in Dubai

As this was my last day staying in Dubai, I planned to spend the morning to visit the Gold Souk.  I am sure that this vacation would never be complete if I would be missing out on the gold market.  There was no plan to purchase.  I just really want to take a peek on the famous Dubai Gold Souk. 

Gold Souk in Dubai

Old Dubai Gold Souk is rich in history.  As early as 1960, gold trading was really visible.  Importing gold and re-exporting it to be delivered through the international waters off India was a real example of a lively gold trade here in Dubai.  Traders and buyers come from all over the world to have a good bargain of this gold. And now, I prefer to witness Dubai history made of gold.

gold souk dubai

Deira Gold Souk

Since I had no research on the whereabouts of the Gold Souk, I decided to ride a taxi.  I just told the driver to bring me to Gold Souk.  And after just 10 minutes, I was standing in front of an arc indicating the place as Dubai City of Gold.  This place is also called Deira Gold Souk, and also known as Dubai Gold Souk.

Dubai Gold Souk Shops

Deira is a commercial business district in Dubai, where this Gold Souk is located.  Retailers on this market are close to 400 in numbers.  Some retailers had marked their place here as early as half a century ago. There were new ones who easily learned the business itself.  Aside from gold, they also offer platinum, diamonds and silver.

I entered the arc and found out that the main pathway leads to small ones wherein you can find stores of jewelry, lots of stores.

Others prefer to do their gold shopping in Dubai because it was tax-free.  But now, the government had applied an added tax.  But many did not stop buying gold even there was a change in price.

jewelries at gold souk dubai

Just imagine the delicateness of these fine pieces of jewelry accented to bring more flair and elegance.  Standing around made you feel rich even if you do not own a single thing.  One can spend a whole day here window shopping, though I did not have that much time. 

Deira Gold Souk opening hours are from 10am-10pm.

Spice Souk

deira spice souk

Nearby, is the Deira Spice Souk.  I entered the spice market to find outlines of displays of assorted grounds, balls, stars and strands of spices.  The aroma and fragrance, the colors and shapes, are all kept in this place, bringing a tourist like me to another world.  It made all my senses startled.

As I satisfied myself with all the sparkles my eyes had seen and my nose that had smelled the aroma hanging in the air, I was greatly satisfied with the learning this place bring to me.

And, actually, I really did not know where this place is except the fact that this was Deira.  So, calling a friend was the best solution in order to go back to the hotel.

Metro Station for Gold Souk Dubai

I was advised to look for the signs on the side of the street showing where the next train stop will be.  It will point me in the right direction.  And was told that the nearest Metro station we were talking about is Al Ras.  I had seen signs and followed them.  But I still asked some locals that I happened to see along my way.  They had eagerly told me how.

signs from gold souk dubai to metro

Al Ras Metro Station

I finally located it and went down Al Ras Metro station to wait for a train.

dubai metro al ras station


An electronic card is being used “as fare” for a Metro ride, it is called the NOL card.  You have to purchase it enabling you to ride on public transportation.  The amount of your fare will be deducted on its amount upon exiting and tagging off the card. 

nol card for dubai metro

This was the last time that I would be using this NOL card.  This small, silver, plastic card had brought me to places that I had searched for like Dubai Mall, Dubai Museum and Gold Souk.  This card brought a little courage to me for the little escapades I want to go by myself.

I learned that there was a rule on riding the Metro.  There is a small, designated place allotted for women passengers only in which I never saw any signs.  I happened to ride on that section.  I did not notice that I was the only male on the area until a fellow Filipino told me that males are not allowed and a penalty is waiting for those who broke the rule.  It took me only several steps to blend with other male and female passengers. 

Hotel Panorama

panorama hotel deira

I went back to my hotel, Panorama Hotel Deira, and finished packing my things.  I would check out anytime from now.  It seemed years that I had been here in Dubai.  But it was only a 7-day stay. 

Fun Things to Do in Dubai

I had explored the dunes, rode a camel, stroll one of the biggest malls in the world – the Dubai Mall, peek on the tallest building that has been built – Burj Khalifa and cruised on the lovely Dubai canal.  How could I forget the dancing fountain, Burj Al Arab-the 7-star hotel and the magnificent Atlantis the Palm in Palm Jumeirah?  Being in a place where all the record-breaking records are broken and replaced by their majestic projects was more than I had expected.

Then, upon going to another emirate, the sophisticated Abu Dhabi had its own shine.  The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Ferrari World in Yas Island, Legoland and Riverland are just a few to mention.  

And to complete my adventures, I dig their history and culture through Dubai Museum and Dubai Gold Souk. 

Yes, I had fulfilled the dreams that I never dreamt of.  I went to Dubai just to be with friends.  I never thought that Erol had great plans for me.  Tasting Dubai to the fullest of its flavors.

And speaking of flavors, I heard my stomach growls.  I checked out and asked the reception if I can leave my things for a quick lunch, in which they courteously agreed.

A Feast

nandos in dubai

My last feast was in Nandos, a little celebration for a successful vacation.  A vacation that all started with a flash sale of airfare ticket that I had a chance to luckily purchase.  Then a simple vacation that really turned grand for all the escapades unplanned.  See you again, Dubai!

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