Jo’s by the Sea is a dining place in the sea side of Sibulan in Negros Oriental.  It offers their customer good food and scenic view of the sea.

Jo's by the Sea in Negros Oriental

If Negros Occidental has their famous Chicken Inasal, here in Negros Oriental, they have their Chicken Inato.  This is the top seller of Jo’s Chicken Inato restaurant, obviously, for it is named after that.  Comparing the two ways of how the chicken was cooked, the Inato and the Inasal, I can say that their tastes are almost the same.  They are both grilled on its perfection, giving a juicy chicken. 

The only difference I observed is the chili oil sauce.  There is no bottle of chilli oil present on the tables here on Jo’s Chicken Inato.  And even if you asked for one, they really do not have any chilli oil.

But, nevertheless, the chicken inato is perfect.  The condiments are just additional to get a different taste but the chicken inato itself is superb.

The Food

Waiting for food from the boat-designed dining table

Jo’s Chicken Inato not only offers chicken inato but a good range of viands.  You need to place your order first on their counter and pay before heading to your table.  Waiting time for the food to be served is about 30 minutes.

We ordered for tinolang fish tanigue.  Their tinola has no papaya and ginger compared to the tinola of Manila.  The taste is simple and clear, as clear as the tinola’s soup.

Other foods that we had tried were sinigang na fish tanigue, it is still soup-based but with additional sourness brought by their batuan.  Batuan is a fruit, and a major ingredient in Negros’ sinigang to give the food a little sourness, giving a different kind of kick and light sour flavour.  For us living in Manila, our sinigang is based on tamarind, but not from the fresh tamarind.  It is from the sachet with a powderized tamarind mix for our sinigang, definitely instant.

We also had grilled fish and chopsuey, a great pair. The fish coated with its special sauce and the freshness of the vegetables in chopsuey had completed our lunch. 

The Place

It is like a celebration.  Just like this place, Jo’s Chicken Inato by the Sea has a real fiesta feeling.  We got dining in a long table designed like an outrigger boat with a native roof that made it look like a cottage.  The outriggers are a little bit extended and bent, then placed a long platform that served as seating of the diners. 

The table boat is stable.  It is exactly placed near the sea side, giving you the feeling of a real tropical lunch.  All the relaxation and the entertainment of the place brought an eagerness to taste their food.

It would be best to eat with bare hands, not with the spoon and fork.  The only one lacking were long banana leaves spread on that table. You can place all the food in the center without the plates, except for the soup-based.  And each one of you would get her chosen food and begin eating with just your fingers that you can even lick afterwards.  Isn’t it nice?

But it was not the situation.  Maybe, we will request for that, if we ever had a chance to come back here again. 

Instead, we savor each tablespoon on the food served while viewing the sea. It is such a perfect combination for food adventurers like us who wanted to make the most out of our visit.

Chicken Inato of Negros Oriental and Chicken Inasal of Negros Occidental

Chicken Inato of Negros Oriental

I really wanted to compare the chicken inato with the chicken inasal, I cannot help it.  Chicken inasal is the specialty of those cooking in Negros Occidental.  Their chicken is perfectly grilled.  It is juicy and moist.  I cannot find the exact word.  But I had enjoyed every bite of it.  Chicken inato is quite similar to chicken inasal but they are different, I knew.  Somewhere on this chicken, there is something unique differentiating it from chicken inasal.  But I cannot find what it is.  It is simple yet difficult to compare with the other. 

Now, I know, it is hard analyzing food differences when your stomach is growling.  All the food seemed delicious, and yes they are.  Though, if you want to compare, maybe, not the time that you are really starving.  Comparing must be done while you are relax, yet anticipating that you have to analyze two different kinds.  But, each chicken is really unique and, yet, they are both the same.  They are seemed twins with each with its own identity. 

While chewing the spoonful after spoonful of my food, my stomach is not the only one filling up.  But the relaxation brought by eating on the beach side, feeling the breath of the sea thru the soft wind it gave.  It had made this lunch more complete to the fullest.  Happiness.

Jo’s Chicken Inato in Negros Oriental

Jo’s Chicken Inato has several branches in Dumaguete.  But we had chosen the best with the best view, the branch with the sea on the side –Jo’s Chicken Inato by the Sea branch in Sibulan.

Besides their fiesta-feeling dining place on the sea side, they still had a big dining area with just the regular dining tables and chairs.  A small function area is also located at the sea side, suitable for a big group celebrating their special occasion in life.

Swing at Jo's by the Sea in Negros Oriental

Aside from the dining place, there is a playground wherein kids can play and ride the swing.  Since there was no one using the facility, I tried the swing.  And it made my childhood memories came rushing back.  The feeling of being a kid again, dangling your legs in the air.  It did not matter even if your stomach is full.  Actually, you will not feel anything.  Just try being a child for some loose moments.  Actually, an adult is not allowed to use this.  But I had realized it after I had released that childhood in me. 

I will definitely come back to this place, when given a chance in the future.  It is a great addition to the Places to Eat in Dumaguete City. Good food, nice sea.  An experience you would definitely write down, making sure it will not slip in your memory.

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