As there is no permanent thing in life as only change that is only known of, we wished that this change had not come to us so forcefully and painful as it be.  Would positive thoughts on health possible? 

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What would think that in this modern world with each thing is as handy as one click away and a push of a key on a keypad or a Go to pay a shopping cart, would a disease so rapidly spreading changed the world?

When all are stressed out, people just do not even know what basic things to buy to survive the situation.  We had witnessed panic-buying all over places.

Grocery shelves emptied. Lining up to cashiers taking hours. And, went home with still unable to complete the grocery list.

Global Health Issue

It seemed okay at first.  It started from a very powerful country that all mankind was sure it can be handled accordingly. 

But it slipped and crawled, bringing sickness on almost all countries.  Even world leaders caught the illness, signifying its strength.

Being a frequent traveler, I was deeply hit with the world health issue. 

Each country became a domino piece, locking down its airports to prevent the virus from spreading more.  Every border and boundary is heavily guarded to strictly implement the lockdown and staying at home rule.

As every flight canceled, the chance of traveling got thinner. All plans changed in just a wink of an eye.

Positive Attitude

Positive thinking may not always bring the solution in all situations. But it always brings out the best in a person.

As every change comes, like a thing on hand.  There is always an advantage as well as disadvantage. 

It may list more from the other, yet there will always have on both. The disadvantage list will surely be longer, no one will disagree.

But if you are like me, practicing each day with a positive mindset, then come along and together we will list one for its advantage.  And make one travel quote after another.

And list more. I would end up the list bouncing happily.

Positive Thinking Quotes on the New Normal Condition

  • Being on lockdown would lessen your worries.  A worry from a son, or a husband, or any member of the family whose nightlife includes not only the night but up to early morning. 
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You made stupid out of yourself worrying about them.  Who would want to come home early at 11 pm? That is so boring. So, now, the habit of worrying became less.  Use your energy to make productive stuff.

  • Second.  Due to drastic lockdown, all movements became too slow.  That, after accepting the fact that quarantine is much needed to delay the spreading of the virus, one could have to focus on contemplating what is really happening. 
positive quotes on travelling

You can, at least, stop and collect your thoughts on what is really going on.  Before, you wake up and hurriedly start doing things unconsciously. Automatically, you do your everyday routine and chores.

You are consciously aware of each tick of the clock and all the deadlines listed nearing every minute.  It seems always running out of time.

Now, you got time to slow things up. At least, think deeply or just immerse in recollecting your thoughts for some minutes. 

And, rearrange your schedules so you have enough time for yourself . A time you really deserved to be more productive on next tasks.

Now, it’s becoming harder.

  • Third, who would believe that this earth would abruptly stop pollution and people start breathing fresher air. An almost total stop on all the engines working and vehicles emitting smoke. 
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Now, the roads are empty and many machines came to rest.  It cleared all.  So, isn’t that good news?

  • Fourth, if the air got cleared, so as the waters.  Beach-goers now stayed lockdown on their homes. 

The sea is still enough that I’m sure all the varieties of creatures under it feel it and now happily swimming around.  News that famous rivers and sea waters where tourists flocked are now visible by dolphins and swans.  Isn’t that wonderful?

positive quotes

Floating bottle containers on beach water are less likely seen for any traveling is not allowed. Irresponsible travelers who just threw their waste anywhere may have this time to give a deep understanding of the value of small acts of keeping their trash to themselves.

  • Fifth, every one loading each body with nutrients.  Oh, very good news. 

Limited time for buying goods outside imposed in most cities.  Curfews set and guarded. 

And, only one representative on each family can go out to purchase home necessities.  But, surely, each time one had a chance to buy food to consume, he will surely choose the healthiest and the cheapest ones. 

Healthiest food for additional nutrients to boost the immune system.  And the cheapest ones to stretch the shortening budget.  Each one aims to be healthier to fight the disease.

positive thoughts on health

Sixth, now let me think for a moment.

  • Sixth, say to yourself, that this generation is lucky enough in terms of accessing almost anything.  By this, the internet can at least serve as an eye to the outside world. 

Lessening the boredom but still updated to everything happening on every inch of earth.  Everybody is busy in front of their computers and gadgets for exploring things. 

Now, is the time to enhance your capabilities by surfing the internet to find new learning. 

Or, the dream to watch a Korean telemovie.  It entertains you more than what you expected. Reading the subtitles while watching is enough to divert your attention from the world’s chaos.

positive thoughts quotes
  • Seventh, this world’s health situation made families bind.  Yes, that surely is. 

Listen to the whisper of the magic in your homes.  You may not feel it abruptly, but the mere presence of each other under the same roof had lessened the stress this problem had given.  You might not speak to each other often, but you’re aware that each is here. 

Each has each other. You may not eat together for each is still busy with some games or movies. But you are aware, each had eaten. 

You may shout at each other because he’s stupid, but at least, no one can just run outside to break the hot arguments. 

So, no choice but to stay home and allow the love to flow.

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Eight, is there more?

  • Eight, aside from the increasing number of birds chirping in the morning, can’t you hear the heroic acts of frontliners to fight this virus? 

And how people bring back love to them through the concern of giving food, words of encouragement, and giving their much needed protective materials? 

Through these little acts are things where our medical personnel pull strength from the very large responsibility given to them.  They face what everybody fears. 

They vowed for what they loved and believed that they had a fight amidst all the limitations.  A simple prayer or a burger is such little acts to bring a smile on their lips for the tremendous task on their shoulders. 

Not only the medical staff, but we also need to acknowledge the soldiers and policemen carrying on their duties 24 hours a day.  And the barangay personnel who do their duty well, to keep the neighborhood intact and not to add a burden on the situation. 

On this difficult time, the feeling to be loved is never asked, yet given.

And our mayor, it seemed he never sleeps from sunrise to sundown to midnight.  Bless this man!

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  • Ninth, there is also much love in the virtual world. 

So many people stayed home worrying about how to manage the day’s passing and how to survive without money they get from working. 

Many coaches and mentors give their valued classes and courses for free.  This is to utilize the hours of new homebodies to improve or learn new skills. 

For once this situation ends, they are equipped with knowledge ready to face the outside world.

  • Tenth, the earth is healing, just as what we read on newsfeed and pages. All over social media, posts of how the physical world is improving capture each one’s attention. 

With the abrupt stop of all the motorized machinery and driving vehicles – land, air, and sea, the air became clear, pollution ended.  The blue sky enveloped us giving hope to our boredom. 

No one could imagine that this can be possible. Just as traffic jams are everyday scenario, now, most roads are really clear from any vehicle.

The pollution cleared for a moment. The curfew hours and limitations to go outside their homes had prevented vehicles from roaming around, thinning the pollution in the air.

Positive Mindset

As everything changes, this situation may also pass. It may be so hurtful crashing your financial status. Or so bored for the never-ending stay-at-home continue to lengthen.

As a traveler who had lists of canceled flights and plans, never losing hope creates an air of positive outlook in life. Let time heals everything and together we would all travel again.

We all know it would happen soon, right?

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