What’s the real news about the Palawan Beach – Nagtabon? 

nagtabon beach palawan philippines

If you are in Puerto Princesa City and wanted a Palawan beach view without the hassle of riding an outrigger boat to hop on the nearest island, then Nagtabon Beach is best for you.

It may not be as famous to foreigners but residents flocked on Nagtabon to unwind for the weekends.

But, do not worry about flocking locals, Nagtabon beach is long enough to accommodate you and your troop.

And if you want, schedule your trip on a weekday to have a chance to own the beach by yourself.

Palawan Beach from Puerto Princesa City International Airport

Travelling won’t give any hassle.  You just need to rent a van, a car, or even a motorcycle.  Then, voila, you are on your way to the beautiful Nagtabon beach.

Nearest Beach in Puerto Princesa Airport

Travel time estimated from 45 minutes to 1 hour, about 30 kilometers from Puerto Princesa International Airport.

If you have a vehicle, be cautious on the last rough road leading to the beach.  It is a bit steep that it can cause you to slip and harmed, especially if riding a motorcycle.  Several accidents were recorded in the vicinity. 

It is not advisable to rent a tricycle, for tricycles had been banned nationwide to travel on national highways.

If tricycles would be permitted, a ride costs 750 pesos. Be sure to check the list of fare posted on their printed small poster hanged inside the tricycle. 

Since looking for a ride back to the city seems impossible, be sure to arrange a round trip to your tricycle driver.  Otherwise, it would be very difficult for your part to go back to the city.

And because of the steepness of the latter part of the travel, choosing to walk from the higher ground to the beach is very much advisable.  Though, the driver would suggest that very much.

A Free Puerto Princesa Palawan Beach – Nagtabon

palawan beachfront

If you choose to enter the beach from a resort, you simply go to your chosen resort, pay the entrance fee and rent a table or a cottage.  And begin your relaxation while inhaling the saltiness of the sea.

But you can go straight to the beach, wander, walk, selfie, groupie, vlog and immerse yourself with the heat of the sun.  Hooray!

Plunge to the water and refresh yourself.  Isn’t that wonderful?  It is all free.

Rip Currents

You can have a smooth swim without thinking of tingling something on your feet.

The only thing to take care of is the possibility of having rip currents on the water, which needs attention.  Ask someone authoritative on the shore to know the spot where best to swim.

Fresh Catch of the Day

freshly caugt fish in Nagtabon  Beach

Few stalls sell snacks, lunch, and drinks: cold and spirited.  And the best is, they offer grilled fish from the day’s catch – fresh and cheap, juicy and worthy. 

Not only that, but fresh buko fruits are also everywhere.

Easy Dine-in

Then stall owners had a set of table and chairs for you to dine in the sand beach.  You can order rice and all will be served for you including the utensils.  No need to worry about bringing cutlery.

So, there is no stressing, all chilling.  You can come up all by yourself, just pocket money for eating out.  Then, you’re good to explore the beach.

It may be crowded to some, or a bit commercialized, because of several stores, but it’s a perfect getaway from the urban air of the city.

Nagtabon Beachfront

Beachfront is one kilometer long, not rocky nor the presence of sharp shells.  A relaxing walk would surely relax your senses while feasting your eyes with the serenity of the water. 

The white sand is smooth to the soles of your feet, excreting energy to be distributed to the cells of your body.  A healthy walk combined with the viewing of the palm trees completes the scenery.

Puerto Princesa Beach Resort

Here in Nagtabon, several resorts have accommodation for you and your whole family. They offer comfort and facilities for better staycation.

resort rate

Overnight stay is possible for there are generators to provide enough electricity.

The signal is weak.  Good news to divert attention more to nature.

Once you are staying in Nagtabon Beach, you can drop by to San Carlos, it is located in the same town. Travelling will only about a quarter of an hour.

Try reserving ahead for the San Carlos River Cruise so you can witness their lines of mangroves. The tour would take about 1-1/2 hours of your time.

Chicken Island

Boats are waiting for a passenger to have a chance to visit the Chicken island – the overlooking island from the shore.  That island is best in snorkeling because of corals on its seabed.

Nagtabon Beach Sport Activities

volleyball in white sand

On one end of the beach, a chance to play basketball is a nice sweating activity. The shore is ready for sports activities such as Frisbee and wide enough for volleyball.  The fine sand would not worry you to hurt your feet, be it bare or with a shoe.

Parking Space

parking fee in nagtabon beach

Parking spaces are available. You just have to give a little smile upon reading their posted fees.

A Glimpse of Nagtabon, a Palawan Beach

If you are in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, it is recommended to visit one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and one of the world’s New 7 Wonders of Nature., the Puerto Princesa Underground River.

But, if you had no plan of traversing much the road, then Nagtabon Beach is best for you.

Nagtabon beach is a nature preserve from the urbanization.  It is worth a visit. Refreshing your mood, charging your soul.

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