Puerto Princesa Palawan, welcomes each of its guests offering tours that would set the mood to freedom on travelling and pumps one’s heart on each destination to be visited. 

How to Get Around Puerto Princesa Palawan As Soon As You Came Out from the Airport

Ever wonder what to do in Puerto Princesa Palawan, once your flight is too early for check-in on your hotel?

Or, if you had made several trips from what the place offers like the Crocodile Farm and the areas accompanied on the tour, yet you still want to explore the site?

Don’t stress yourself out. For in this article, you would discover that there’s more of Puerto Princesa.

And, you could start as soon as you set your foot into the island.

Puerto Princesa International Airport

So, come on, and let’s make the best journey out of this travel.

Maximizing your time upon landing from your plane is the most efficient thing to do in traveling.

No wasted time! A little planning would be the best help. Having a vacation well-planned would result in more places visited and memories kept.

Puerto Princesa International Airport

Upon disembarking from the plane, you better try to look for the Information Counter to ask all the final questions you had in mind. Those questions that kept bugging you, which still need a more concrete answer from people who resides in the area. 

Yes, information from blogs and sites are a great help. But, there are some that you need a response right from the lips of the natives of the land.

So, go and ask.

Puerto Princesa International Airport Information

Better to have an outline of your itinerary and let them know so they can have suggestions. Officers will welcome your inquiries.

The Exit of Puerto Princesa International Airport

Before going out of the airport, be sure to visit the comfort room.  You may have difficulty to find one in the places you wished to visit.

Upon passing the Exit of the Arrival area, you will see a road where passengers hopped in their private vehicles from the ones who had fetched them.


On the left side, after crossing the pedestrian lane, yellow taxis are lined up waiting for their next riders.  A booth is on their front.  The man assigned on the said booth will assist whoever wants to avail of the taxi’s service.


Airport Tricycle

If you cross the pedestrian on the right side, you would first come to the Airport Tricycle Area.

Here they had posted on a big tarp the destinations they could accommodate with the corresponding amount of fare per trip, in pesos.  Fare per trip means the same amount even if you are only a lone passenger, or there are four of you.  The maximum capacity of the tricycle is four passengers. 

Rate of Puerto Princesa Palawan Tricycle

These tricycles are three-wheeled vehicles serving one or a small group of travelers.  The capacity is four persons maximum.  Many prefer riding this one because it is a little cheaper compared to taxis.


Farther at the back of this area, you can see the Airport Vans waiting for passengers who would want a drop-off to their places. 

Puerto Princesa City Van Rate

Private Van in Puerto Princesa City

I asked the tricycle drivers to bring us to a certain Travel and Tours Agency. They easily agreed because they knew where it is. It is located in Puerto Princesa’s main road outside the airport, about 2 minutes road-travel with a tricycle.

Gauging from the sources I searched, it is best to rent a van outside the airport.  It would be much cheaper.

We arrived at 3B’s Tours & Travel located along the national road.  Personnel and the owner himself accommodated us eagerly.

We paid the tricycles P80 each. We got two of the tricycles since we are six in the group.

Having our itinerary and the suggestions of the personnel of the agency, we arrived on selected destinations and its amount.

The plan was to rent the whole van so we can have our own time upon visiting each place, no need to worry or wait for other guests. That is the advantage of having six of us.  It might not be a big group, but it is enough to lower the cost of sharing on this trip.

Private Van for the tour

Our Puerto Princesa Palawan Tour

The owner charged us with the amount of 3,000 pesos for our San Carlos River Cruise and Nagtabon Beach, some side trips are possible.  The standard cost of a 4-hour rental of a private van is 1,500.  For 8 hours, it would be 2,500.

Though Nagtabon Beach is still in Puerto Princesa City, is a bit farther compared to their City Tour.

So, that’s why the van rental had an extra charge of 500 pesos. 

The paid value does not include entrance fees to destinations to be visited. It is only for the rental of a private van with an 8-hour road trip.

We decide what time to leave a destination to come for the next as long as the van will return at 4 pm. Additional expense for the driver’s lunch, if you wished to, but they never asked for it.

Places to be visited are:

  • Viet Ville – a dining place built from a community of Vietnamese migrants. Be sure to read my upcoming article and the great food they served.
  • San Carlos River Cruise – no one bothers to see them, yet, they had 375 hectares of mangrove-reserved in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. A great article to read!
  • Nagtabon Beach –

This trip had the destinations which we had selected. There’s no arranged tour existing like this. Since we already made great Puerto Princesa trips before, we made our itinerary.  Even the tour agency did not recommend the river cruise.  

Our driver, Shong, considering he was born and lived all his life in Palawan, had never been to the River Cruise.  Now, he would.

What we wear from the airport is what we would still wear throughout the tour.  Since we had our baggage on the rented van, everyone is free to change their attire if they wished to.  The next places had their restrooms provided for one’s comfort.

Maximizing Puerto Princesa Palawan Stay

So, here, I had itemized the options if you want to maximize the day after arriving at Puerto Princesa International Airport.

If you arrived early on the island, you need not sulk and wait for yourself to check-in at your hotel after lunch. Or you may not avail of an early check-in, which was usually an additional charge.

All you had to do is plan your trip, have an itinerary written or listed on your phone.  Go to the right people, which I had suggested. And spend the day with lots of adventure.

Souvenir Shop

You can always end up the adventure by visiting the Souvenir Shop – we only want cashew, but the shop had shown more. Lots of souvenir items from cashews and sweet tarts.  Ref magnets that were cute to bring home.

Artworks you can be proud of, and lots and lots of freshwater pearls of Palawan, Philippines.

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Furthermore, you can arrange your next trips to this travel agency.  The fifth day of some of my friends would be for the Underground River.  So, even now, on our first day, we settled our payment. 

Puerto Princesa Underground River

This payment is for the agency to include my friends on their trip to the PPUR, since we already had our Puerto Princesa Underground River experience.  The agent had charged us for P2,200 per person.  He asked us to pay half the amount. And the other half would be on the day of the trip.

On the fifth day, the van arrived in the hotel at the scheduled time, with other guests filling the vehicle. Less worry, no stress.

More Puerto Princesa Travel

So, you see, there are ways to make the most of your stay without worrying too much.  You only need to have your plans listed.  And come to the right people.

Here, you can see other arranged tours of Puerto Princesa with some options that you could take note of to make things easy.

Happy Travel!

City Tour:

  • Cathedral
  • Mitra’s Ranch
  • Crocodile Farm
  • Baywalk
  • Baker’s Hill
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Plaza Cuartel

Option Vehicle: Private Van – 1,500 for 4 hours. 2,500 for 8 hours.

If you choose the 8 hours rental, it would be better if fetching you from the airport can be included.

Just arrange things with your travel agency ahead of time.

City Tour can be possible riding a Tricycle.  The cost of the tour is 800pesos.  Entrance fees not included in the package.

Honda Bay Island Hopping

  • Starfish Island
  • Pandan Island
  • Pambato Reef
  • Cowrie
  • Luli

You can ride a tricycle from the city to the Sta. Lourdes Wharf. Then from the wharf, they would present to you the amounts of their island hopping tours.  You can choose 3 from the listed islands. Hopping on islands depends on how much each island would cost you plus an additional environmental fee.

Or you can use this as your guide to plan your tours:

Tours of the travel agency in Palawan

Underground Tour

You can arrange your tours through your hotel.  Your hotel always had a tied-up travel agency for your convenience.  Furthermore, you can choose for a joiner tour, so they can line you up to other guests whose tours are just like yours.  But a private tour is always welcome.

Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort

If you would be staying in Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort, which we did, an exclusive package awaits you for the Puerto Princesa Underground River tour.

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