You’ll be much amazed how Puerto Princesa Underground River proved its worth to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of world’s New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour

limestone in puerto princesa subterranean river national park

The Puerto Princesa Underground River has a guided tour offered by Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort.  You can choose the schedule you want and we prefer the earliest morning schedule.

The Rate

Underground River Tour rate is P2300 per adult and the same rate per child, about $44.  A motorized boat would fetch you from the wharf to Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.  You only need to ride their boat and nothing to worry about. 

Getting this tour from Daluyon Resort will relieve you from the stress of worrying tour permits, environmental fees, government taxes and travel insurance.  They will work them out for you. 

And aside from that, a delicious meal will await you on your return from the tour on Daluyon Resort’s Pawikan Restaurant. 

We went to the wharf and found the boats waiting for the adventurers.  The place was still empty. 

The Boat Ride

We were accompanied by a tour guide on our boat.   Wil, the tour guide, explained details of the mountain range in front of us.  He pointed out what he said is a male mountain where exactly the Underground River is.

He also told stories of pawikan (sea turtle) presence in the shore where the zipline is located. 

In Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort, they laid a protected area wherein turtles and these creatures had the chance to hatch their eggs safely.   Protection greatly needed for species like this. Last Holy Week, baby turtles were hatched within this protected area and were later released into the water.  Such a good move, Daluyon!

Wil also mentioned about the dugong near the Underground Riverside.  The dugong is a large mammal that lives its whole life in the sea.  These mammals only come to surface to breathe.

They are sometimes called “sea cows” as they eat large amounts of seagrass.  They can grow to about 10 feet long and weigh as much as 400 kilograms.  So these creatures are huge. 

Maybe, it would be fun to be accompanied by a dugong while your boat is traveling towards the Underground River.

When asked about the jellyfish, he told us that the jellyfish at Sabang beach is not harmful. 

It is such a great time talking and listening to Wil.   Wil-the-tour-guide is very knowledgeable, ready to answer everything about Daluyon and everything around it. And if you had no question, be assured, that another trivia will come across.

Subterranean River National Park

And we reached the shore signifying that we are now in this part of the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

The place had lots of monitor lizards and monkeys roaming around freely.  They just walked and passed on them.  I never had a slight feeling that these creatures will harm us.

monkeys and lizards in subterranean river national park

We, then, walked a little to reach the place where our boat is located for the Underground River tour. 

The pathway had old trees on the side like balete tree.  We did not have enough time to explore because we need to hurry up for our tour.  But a quick glimpse had given me a chance to glance at several kinds of big, aged trees.

The Paddleboat Ride

A paddleboat can accommodate 8-10 persons.  And this is the one used for the actual underground river cruise.

going inside puerto princesa underground river

A helmet and a life jacket are required to wear for protection on the tour.

The Underground River Tour

adventures in underground river opening

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a protected area managed by the City Government of Puerto Princesa.  The river is called Puerto Princesa Underground River. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also voted as one of the world’s New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Underground River has about 8.2 kilometers in length but it’s only about more than a kilometer that is open to the public and would take 45 minutes for its viewing.

lights inside puerto princesa underground river

In addition, an option for seeing the 4.3 kilometers requires a special permit.  Traveling will be about 6 hours. 

There are still places inside the long stretch but can not be explored due to lack of oxygen.

Exploring the Underground River

The man who paddles the boat served also as our tour guide here inside the Underground River. 

salad vegetables in underground river

He pointed out all the leafy vegetables for a dish called chopsuey.  The sexy girl was entertaining.   There were also some religious figures.

And as he throws jokes from time to time, you will be kept reminded that you need to close your mouth for there were bats on the cave’s ceiling.  There is a great danger that your mouth can catch the falling droppings or stools of bats.  

bats inside underground river

If you had the special permit to travel more on the 4.3 kilometers, you will get able to see 20-million-year-old bone fossils embedded in the walls. 

A shimmering rock formation was on this part with crystals and minerals that are so unique that this is the only place that you can find these pieces.

Having found a second floor to the river, geologists believed that waterfalls exist in this special area. Just like tiered waterfalls that we had visited in Siquijor, the Cambugahay Falls. It is three-tiered, so, a waterfall will welcome you on each of its floor or tier.

Treasured Memories

As the Underground River tour ended, we returned to where we rode this paddle boat.  We headed to their photo booth to choose the pictures that we wanted.   Random pictures were captured upon arrival at the park.  These pictures were taken in places with great vicinity of the tour.  You can choose from two sizes: 4R and 6R. 

A Deep Thought of Puerto Princesa Underground River

As this tour ended, it had elevated my thinking about Puerto Princesa.  The successful preservation of this Underground River had made proud not only their place but the whole country as well.

Meanwhile, it did not stop here. The Puerto Princesa Underground River continually opens its doors for exploration and each in every time, another discovery unfolds.

passage inside puerto princesa underground river

A tourist had such a great experience for wonders witnessed from the Underground River.  Above all, one should do his share in preserving the place by not throwing any trash and respecting the place from its water, trees, animals and the river itself.

Going Back

We rode back with the same motorized boat that brought us here in Underground River.  

Arriving in the wharf had surprised me to find that the wharf was full of tourists.  The sun is up burning and some tourists lie on the ground waiting for their turn.

Be Aware…

A stay in Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort and having their tour service for this Underground River tour, prefer the earliest schedule, to avoid crowding.

Moreover, it is not possible to get the earliest schedule if you came from the city considering the one and half hours of travel from the city to Sabang beach.  But, nevertheless, try to make it early for you not to go at the same time with the bulk of tourists.


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