When food cravings strike and you longed to taste Chinese food, then hurry up to Quick Snack Binondo that would satisfy you with so many choices they offer.

quick snack binondo food

Quick Snack Binondo Restaurant is worthy of your time.  Try strolling first to the vicinity and appreciate more of Chinatown before stopping to taste their delicious food.

A Walk in Quiapo

It was a very, very sunny day.  Nice weather for a shade to wear and an umbrella to carry.  From Quiapo Church, we head to Sta. Cruz Church passing by newly-opened department store. SM Carriedo opened at 10 am, went in to at least freshen up from their air-conditioned store. 

We then continue strolling towards Sta. Cruz.  But as we were near Sta. Cruz Church, we decided to continue our walk instead of riding a jeepney.

manila chinatown

Manila Chinatown

We passed by the arc announcing that we were entering Chinatown.  My eyes got festive with all the gold accessories seemingly twinkling with the glow of the sun.

Necklaces displayed with pendants and bracelets with their charms.  There were buyers all around, like choosing a candy pointing on a shelf.

As we continue, several establishments like herbal medicine drugstores, charms, general merchandise, banks, food and carts selling fresh vegetables and fruits complete the scene. This is Manila Chinatown.

I did forget that it was hot, for I had much enjoyed looking at the stores.  We never entered one. I just continued sidewalk-shopping, hooking a hand to his elbow, while sight-seeing for all these goodies. 

I saw an amethyst crystal seems standing on a half-ruled size.  Its energy magnetized me, calling me.  It only just took a second but it seemed to talk to me, reaching out to me.  But I was freed on its energy when I step up – continuing the tour. 


After some little turns, we arrived at Carvajal St – an alley welcoming you with vegetable vendors.  There were so much fresh produce and greens that were really inviting.  I just kept reminding myself how hard to carry a load… and that was it, I decided not to buy any.

So, as we moved farther, fish vendors were also on this alley, vendors were busy weighing wide-eyed fish for their buyers.

So this small side street is kind of a mini wet market – fresh veggies, fish and fruits.  But it was very neat and clean.  They had fish products but the place was not wet.  The floor was tidy enough, no-spill of water under.

vegetables at carvajal binondo

Quick Snack

So still along with this place, we entered Quick Snack, a restaurant, also doing catering services.  It is located at 637-639 Carvajal St., Binondo, Manila, a place for good food. 

The place is a little small, but enough to cater to more than 50 customers.  The service from Kuya Rod was so warm, serving us attentively.

The place is air-conditioned, refreshing us from the heat outside.

The Food

quick snack binondo

We ordered for :

  • Indonesian Tauhu
  • Tenderloin Steak
  • Special Oyster Cake
  • Quick Snack Fried Chicken
  • Kangkong with Garlic
  • Beef Stir-Fry Noodles
  • Shrimp & Pork Stir-Fry Noodles
  • Kuchay-Ah
  • Fried Lumpia
  • Rice

The orders came quick, hot and awesome.  That was what their name is – Quick Snack.

Indonesian Tauhu

The Indonesian Tauhu, a special one, consists of a small block of tauhu served with special sauce and a lot of toppings of kinchay, a sprinkle of peanuts on top and some dash of red sauce.

It was already sliced, but keeping its block-shaped intact.  It was very unique. 

The fried tauhu with its sauce had made this whole meal special, a great appetizer. Or you can eat it with rice. Whatever your liking, its such good that every bite takes you somewhere out of your seat.

Tenderloin Steak

The Tenderloin Steak was the typical beefsteak we made in our house with an added sweetness.  Their beef was so, so tender.  You can enjoy every chew and less chew.  Nice.  I wonder how they did that.  Any tips?

Special Oyster Cake

Next was their Special Oyster Cake.  Its standard size was as big as our standard plate. 

I liked this oyster cake because it was not oily.  I had tasted oyster cakes before and, sadly, many of them were so oily.  But at this one, it was made enough for you not to notice its oiliness. 

The taste was okay.  Omelette was done well.  There was such a little slimy on this oyster cake, but it was great.  Maybe, it was cornstarch or eggplant?  I cannot guess what it was.  Adding greens made a mild flavor.  Good food.

Kangkong with Garlic

The refreshing Kangkong with Garlic lightly clears your palate from the taste of sauce of other served food. Simple yet inviting. You always come back for more.

Quick Snack Chicken

The chicken is not a simple fried chicken nor a fastfood-breaded type chicken. It is a Quick Snack Chicken, named after the place. Proving that this chicken is their specialty.

And real true. Each bite takes you to wonder how to make something flavorful like this. You feel the crunch and the softness combined with the juiciness of everything.

The juiciness up to that meat in between the bones. And that crunch, slightly crushing in between your teeth.

That you continue to bite to get all the bits out from the bone. And began chewing, and forgot that you were dining with a group of friends. For you just lingered alone, tasting the taste and lingering more.

These were the highlights until I found myself filling a little and clearing my mind from hunger.

Stir-Fried Noodles

So I was a bit steady when I got some of the noodles. We got two kinds. The Beef and Shrimp & Pork Stir-Fried Noodles.

There is always something on Chinese noodles on its smell and taste. That spice they used that when landed on your tongue, you would say ‘Oh that’s Chinese Pansit!’. Something, I will figure out later.

For now, I will take some and more, but leave a space on my tummy for Kuchay-Ah and Fried Lumpia.


The Kuchay Ah was a real-filling snack. Kuchay Ah was like a turn over version or somewhat an empanada. It had lots of filling, can be a light dinner.

Fried Lumpia

The Fried Lumpia ended up all my cravings. Satisfied yet eyeing for my next visit here.

A Feast

We almost finished all of these that made us so full, not still mentioning cups of rice served and dig in together with all the mentioned food above. This was a real feast.

A dessert cannot be possible to be added to our tummies.  I only wanted a small candy.

Quick Snack Binondo Menu

quick snack binondo menu

Anyway, we would come back here so we can try their Iced Coffee with Coffee Jelly and White Fungus, sounds intriguing.  For a lighter meal, we may share an order of Vege Bihon Guisado. 

Oh, but their Lumpia Fresh Special was a head-turner,  I saw it on the table behind me, a couple asked their lumpia to served in halved, and I saw how generous the inside of that lumpia.  These are so inviting.  Oh, till next time.

But wait, we still made a take-out order.   Ngo Hiong (Kikiam) and 3 pieces of Kuchay Ah. 

Ngo Hiong (Kikiam)

The Kikiam was for the lunch of our daughter in her school.  She found the Kikiam a little bit oily and slightly hard to chew.

Big chunks of ingredients on it, not grounded just like other Kikiam.  It seemed that these chunks rolled with ground pork made it a little tough.

How to Go to Quick Snack

From Quiapo Church, start walking towards Sta. Cruz Church. You can continue to stroll more or choose to ride a jeepney.

To ride a jeepney

From Sta. Cruz Church, ask around where the line of jeepney having the route of Divisoria parked. It is in Dasmarinas Street but since the place seems tricky, go ahead and ask someone.

Hop into the jeepney and tell the driver to drop you to Quintin Paredes. Pay the minimum fare. The ride could not be longer five minutes. So try to remind the driver of your destination.

When you’re in Quintin Paredes, another five minutes walk and you would reach Carvajal Street, and some steps more to arrive at Quick Snack.

To Walk

If you decided to walk, prefer Ongpin Street. An arch welcomes you. If you intended to come inside the arch, you enter the Manila Chinatown.

Saunter on its street so you would appreciate the oldest Chinatown. It would take about 15 minute-walk and your eyes would lit looking on all the lucky charms, stones and gold accessories, and eateries you find along the way. Just don’t forget you came here for Quick Snack.

So, when you turn at Yuchengco Street and hop some more, then turn right to Carvajal. A hopia store is in the corner of the street.

And just some more breathe and feasting your sight with the abundance of green veggies, and you would see Quick Snack signboard. Go in and celebrate.

Did you have fun dining?

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