Ras Al Khaimah sightseeing of their golden beach. And the relaxing ride in Dubai Canal Cruise featuring the captivating night beauty of the city.

Ras Al Khaimah, one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates would be visited this morning. The plan is a road trip to several emirates leading to Ras Al Khaimah and, then, the morning would be spent sightseeing their golden sand beach.

Dubai Canal Cruise would be the highlight later in the evening.  It would be another exciting day today, my 4th-day stay in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates has seven emirates.  You can read my 1st Day in Dubai discussing Dubai, one of the emirates. My 2nd Day is the visit to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. And, of course, the Desert Safari Adventure on my 3rd.

Bus Shelter

bus shelter in dubai

My day started when Erol and Eric picked me up from the hotel for breakfast. 

We passed this bus stop.  Bus stops are also called as bus shelters. Many structures of this kind can be found in different parts of Dubai.  These air-conditioned bus stops aim to bring comfort to bus riders and protect them during the blazing summer season while waiting for their bus. There are million bus riders who use bus shelters and had made them very much satisfied.

Grill Corner

Grill corner for breakfast in dubai

We, then, proceeded to a Filipino restaurant named Grill Corner.  I had tapsilog, readying my tummy for a busy day ahead.

Grill corner breakfast in dubai

Samosa and Donuts

Samosa and donuts in different flavors

After breaking the fast, we went to a nearby grocery to purchase some drinks.  Here, I found a display rack showcasing varieties of samosa like chicken samosa for Aed 3.50, about $0.95 and potato samosa for Aed 2.5, about $0.68.  There were also donuts in different flavors that looked inviting.

Ras Al Khaimah

Traveling would take you down the highway in which you would be amazed at the long desert line. You would confirm on yourself, that, yes, you are on this part of the world that only desert is mostly visible.

Ras Al Khaimah road trip

The first emirate to visit: Ras Al Khaimah. They simply abbreviate it to RAK city, also the capital of this emirate.  The name of the emirate means “top of the tent”.  Ras is an Arabic word meaning head as in topmost, and Khaimah is the Arabic word for a tent, so Ras Al Khaimah means the top of the tent in English.

It is also known for its Arabian Gulf beaches.  And the beach is our destination.

The trip took about two hours.  We experienced no traffic.  Along the way, we passed Umm Al Quwain.

Umm Al Quwain

Umm Al Quwain is the least populous of the seven constituent emirates in the UAE.  This second emirate on our trip had been only passed by in going to RAK city. 

Ras Al Khaimah next emirate road trip

After passing Al Dhait, also in Ras Al Khaimah, we then stopped and parked our car on a public beach.

Beach of Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah public beach

We did not have a chance to have an umbrella offered on the shore, so we just spread out our mat and chairs, forgetting to bring our own umbrella.  The weather was fine.  It was hot, yet, a little bit relaxing.

ras al khaimah beach with me

As I seat, my attention focused on the locals and the tourists, blending culture but enjoying each of their selves.  They had obviously different sets of swimwear.  Locals or the Muslims swam with their burkini.  

What is a burkini swimsuit?

A burkini is a type of modest swimwear for women. The suit covers the whole body except the face, the hands, and the feet while being light enough for swimming. The design is intended to respect Islamic traditions of modest dress.

Americans and Europeans went with their own style of swimwear, exposing their skin to maximize the heat of the sun. They had their bikinis and trunks on. 

There were different cultures on this beach of RAK.  It was so nice to observe how different personalities blend with each other, though I wonder if there was some impact on the part of Muslim women to see their fellow ladies, swimming just beside them, wearing the two-piece swimsuit.

Ras Al Khaimah stroll

We had no intention to swim.  We just want to experience this kind of moment.  The sand was a coarse one, but not to be bothered for it made the place special.  You could try to walk barefoot feeling the sand massaging the sole of your foot.  I just observed that in this sandy country, the sand’s color depends on the place you are.  Some are too coarse while some sand is fine.  There are white in color, some are golden, others have a touch of red.

The water is calm and inviting.  Yet, we just happily stared at it and enjoyed the surrounding.

Barracuda Resort

About high noon, we packed our things and headed to a wine store in Barracuda Resort. You are probably asking, can you drink alcohol in Dubai?  I have an article about that to be posted soon.

nandos peri-peri sauce friends

Nandos Peri-peri Sauce

Who would not want this sauce for their peri-peri chicken?  Everyone who visits Nandos would surely look for one.

For lunch, we ordered a chicken platter having whole chicken for Aed 83, about $22.60, and an addition of 3 sidings for an additional of Aed 69, about $18.78.  Sidings included rice, coleslaw, and potato wedges.

After the superb meal, we visit the third floor of this City Centre Mirdif to take a look at their iFly.


ifly dubai

iFly Dubai is indoor skydiving that lets you experience flying in reality.   Flying at iFly Dubai can take you up to more than 3 meters in the air with an instructor guiding you through your turn. The area where you make the skydiving is air-conditioned.  It is like a tunnel that keeps you cool while you do all the skydiving.

This indoor skydiving is a gravity-defying activity for your body.  It will let you experience jumping and diving.  This iFly Dubai has the world’s first double skydiving simulator, a modern technology installed for successful indoor skydiving, making it safe for everyone.

There is a training session before the beginning of skydiving.  Assistance will be given by the instructor, once you start until the end of the session.

How much is indoor skydiving?

There is a package offer for every status in skydiving you are in.  It can be for First Time Flyers that ranges from 220-380 AED, about $60-103.  For Repeat Flyer, it is 150AED, about $41.  There is a different rate if you are a UAE resident, it is for 185 AED, about $50.  So, you see, if you do not have any experience, there is still a package suitable for you. 

The package consists of a training session, use of the flight gear, personal assistance from the instructor and 2 flights with a 1-minute duration for each.

We, then, had a coffee break at Coffee Costa discussing our excitement of our Dubai Canal Cruise later in the evening.

Dubai Cruise

catamaran cruise

The glass boat, a catamaran, to be used for the Dubai Canal Cruise is parked in front of Palazzo Versace Hotel. The cruise departure is at 8:30 pm and the journey time would take two hours.

start of dubai water canal cruise

The catamaran has two decks, the fully air-conditioned lower deck and the open-air upper deck.

The journey is breathtaking, featuring the magnificent city on a night filled with entertainment and laughter.

Dubai Canal

Dubai Canal is an artificial canal with a 3.2-kilometer-long waterway that stretches from Old Dubai to the Arabian Gulf. It is an environment-friendly project utilizing solar-powered streetlights used in the canal.

passing dubai festival city fountain show

Dubai Festival City Fountain Show

The first of the highlights is the light and water show in Dubai’s Festival City.  The special effects are quite dramatic and fascinating.  The performance is a real entertaining starter.

Burj Khalifa

We also had the view of Burj Khalifa.  Even it is a little bit far away, you can still see it because of the lightings of its facade, having the advantage to see it because of its height.

The Colored Waterfall

colored waterfall on dubai cruise

We also passed by Sheikh Zayed Bridge Waterfall.  It is a mechanical waterfall, where the Canal meets the Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge. This motion-operated water wonder pumps water through the bridge in a constant flow, visible from the promenade, and can be switched off when a sensor detects a boat nearby.  This illuminated waterfall is really entertaining with its light effects depicting different colors.

Visit to Ras Al Khaimah with cruise

Some landmarks were presented and recognized through stunning lights that surely create an impact on each of us viewers in the boat, like the Business Bay and Down Town Areas.   Even the bridges that we crossed had lights on it, beautifully erected and attached along its whole length.


tanoura dance in dubai cruise

As I felt hungry, we feasted on their food, choosing kebab and barbecues. Then, we watched the Tanoura Dance, wherein the Tanoura dancer turn round continuously or spins for more than 15 minutes, non-stop.  Yes, non-stop that I got tired first in recording his act, while he continued spinning, seemed to enjoy what he is doing.  His skirt had led lights attached adding entertainment to the viewers.  I wonder if he got dizzy or what a talent he had.

Dubai Canal Cruise, A Fulfillment

hotel in dubai canal cruise

The night ended with fulfillment and realizing how lucky I am, experiencing these things freely, not paying a single penny.  Journeying is the completion of a traveler’s life, but doing it freely is the biggest bonus!  Thanks, Pale!

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