The popular tourists spots included in a Port Barton tour:

  •                 Maxima island
  •                 Exotica island
  •                 Inaladelan island
  •                 Starfish island

But it still varies depending on what kind of island hopping tour you chose and the weather of the day.  Areas with big waves hinder the Port Barton tour to pursue that specific site.

Port Barton Palawan island hopping

Port Barton Island Hopping Tour

Palawan has majestic islands that one can enjoy the nearest ones for island hopping.

If you had been to Coron, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa, then it’s about time to explore the waters of San Vicente.  Or if you want to do a break on the long trip to El Nido, Port Barton is the best place for you.

San Vicente is known for its white sand beach with a 14-km beachfront – so long, that it had covered three barangays.  That is White Beach. 

Another barangay of San Vicente is Port Barton, in which where we stayed. It also had great silky white sand that is not too hot, even walking barefoot on a heavy noon heat.

What is Island Hopping?

Port Barton tour package

Island hopping is a planned visit to several islands in a specified area with a given time.  It is the time given to stay on each island, or the total time to all the islands to be visited. 

There is an itinerary to be followed.   This itinerary planned by the assigned tourism of the place, or the municipality, is to be followed by tourist agents and crews of the boats to be used.

The plan aims to bring joy and fulfillment to guests.  At the same time, protect their safety both in the islands and the water being traveled on the whole course of the journey. 

It was well-studied that even the behavior of waves is noted in different weather conditions.  So, mostly, it is safe that guests can ease themselves while drinking the whole view of their voyage.

Our Philippines – Country in Asia, had lots of island hopping activities being an archipelago.  There are lots of tour packages offered to suit each one’s likings.

Port Barton Tour

Island hopping from Port Barton, comes first with the routine standard safety requirements.  A tourist who wished to join this activity must pay an environmental fee of P50, about $1, which is suitable for ten days. 

eco tourism card Port Barton

A motorized outrigger boat with a 10-seating capacity cost a joiner for 1,200 pesos, about $24.  A joiner is a solo guest, or a tourist, who wished to join a group to lessen the cost he will shoulder for the tour package.

A common situation in Port Barton island hopping tours is the way tour agents grouped their guests so everyone can enjoy the activity.  It does not matter if you came alone to Port Barton, you need not shoulder the whole expense of renting the whole boat. 

Agents would enlist you together with other solo guests or small groups.  And of course, the cost will be cheap but the enjoyment felt is big enough from the newly found friends.

Private Tour

And, it can be like us with a group of six that had chosen to rent the boat privately for the tour.  A group with a minimum of 5 persons costs 7,000 pesos, about $140.  And an additional of 1,300 pesos, about $26, for each added person.  This tour package has a maximum of ten persons.

The amount covered four islands and a luscious lunch.  The island hopping tour usually takes 7 hours, recommended from 9 am to 4 pm.

outrigger boat for island hopping

After embarking on the boat, parked on the shallow waters of Port Barton, the outrigger will proceed first to the near-shore where the Coast Guard is posted to submit the manifesto.  This manifesto is needed to register the island hopping tour.

Then, after being cleared, it would soon start to sail.  Together with the guests were three boat crews, which also acted as the tourist guides.

Exotica and Maxima Islands

The first destination was the two islands: Exotica and Maxima.  We could stay for an hour, or whatever time we wanted since ours was a private tour.

Here, the vessel stopped right in the middle of the two islands.  The water was about hip-deep with turquoise green color, so clear. One could see clearly his feet while walking.

Clear waters of Port Barton Palawan

It had exciting waves that one surely needed a little balance of himself.

There was a sea turtle swimming towards our boat.  It entertained guests who brought snacks like gills of fish or the whole fish itself.  It usually lingered for a moment before swimming to the next vessel.

Exotica Island

We then proceeded to the island on our right: Exotica.

This island had small cottages; we sat while marveling at the beauty of the sea and other islands on sight.

We also walked a little and find a swing.  Why do I found swings in relaxing places?

Few folks grilled fish for the near lunchtime.  Some tours choose to take their lunch in here.

There was also a comfort room available.  Everything seemed well-readied for visitors.

All the guests would just do is to take time appreciating all these wonderful things and take a plunge on the water or just simply have fun.

Exotica island footprints in the sand

Maxima Island

After some moment, we crossed the other island, about more than 100 meters walk in the clear water.  Maxima island had lots of rocks.

Small rock formations surrounded this land. It is better to wear aqua shoes or slippers, so you can have a chance to walk more to its perimeter without hurting the soles of your feet. 

Around this spot between the two islands was suitable for snorkeling.  The tour guides provide snorkeling equipment for their guests.

Not only that, the site being a turtle sanctuary wherein turtles swim freely without feeling any danger to be harmed or captured.

Turtle Sanctuary in Palawan

The turtle seldom chose us. It lingered most on other boats parked at that same moment.

We then decided to proceed on the next island where we would have our lunch.

Port Barton tour

While traveling, we watched how the waters change from turquoise green to blue – turquoise being the shallow part of the water and blue when it goes deeper. 

Inaladelan Island Resort

Inaladelan gives one a refreshing arrival – lined hammocks tied on buko trees. 

Here, we can also lie overlooking the sea.  Or stretch our bodies on beach chairs on small cottages with cogon roofing umbrellas.  Or grab a mat and a pillow to take a nap.  And since arriving a little early, we almost owned the island.

Inaladelan island resort

Drinking the view made me so tipsy with so much to take and digest.  Imagine how one can combine the feeling of being mesmerized in a state of relaxation.  No need to ask for more.

waves in Maxima island


On Inaladelan island, guests can stay overnight. It can accommodate guests that would remain in a tent to experience real glamping.  Glamping means glamorous camping. 

Two persons can occupy a tent.  All these must be arranged ahead of time for the reservation. 

The Perfect Lunch

For now, our tour guides busied themselves, preparing for our lunch.  There is a grilling section in one area.  It took them another two hours, but it was all worth it because the lunch was very festive.

Inaladelan Resort lunch

The guides grilled fish, steamed shrimp and squid, salad, and chicken afritada.  And served a whole hand of bananas, yellow watermelon, and whole sliced pineapple. 

The Liptin fish we bought on the side street of Port Barton was also grilled to perfection that I considered it the juiciest fish I’ve ever tasted. Yes, you can buy seafood in your own and include it on the island hopping lunch.  So, everybody enjoyed varieties of seafood on its freshest state.

You can buy soft drinks on the island, they had their bar offering different kinds of spirits, but 5-gallon mineral water already included on our lunch menu.


By this time, the tour guides told us that we could not pursue going to the next destination, for snorkeling.  The waves came a little bit stronger at this time. Unlike yesterday, the waves were calmer.

So, we just extended our stay.  Other guests had played volleyball, while a few went swimming.  Tourists never really mind the high heat. They were much enjoying it.

While us, spent each moment capturing moments and enjoying all the marvellous things this island offer.

Starfish Island

At about 2past pm, we set for our last site, the Starfish Island. 

Starfish Island of Port Barton

This small island happened to be visible only on low tides.  It had only about a few meters of sand visibility when we came.  There were a few outrigger boats parked. 

Tourists go snorkeling, looking for starfish.  But none had got any glimpse of it.  At that moment, starfish chose to go somewhere else.

We came backshore with light and inspired heart, for we had explored islands that bring a smile to our lips and charging our souls for the relaxation it had given. 

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