Here is a list of where to eat in Baguio, dining places that will not only fill your tummy but will also pinch your soul.

The summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio, has not only their cool weather to boast of, but also their food presented artistically loaded with flavors and love. The following are dining places to where to eat in Baguio. They are recommended for you to explore and experience a unique gastronomic adventure.

1. Ili-LIKHA ARTIST VILLAGE, the first in the list of Where to Eat in Baguio

Ili-LIKHA ARTIST VILLAGE is a dining place in Baguio City wherein the owner, Kidlat Tahimik, had come up on a very unique concept to deliver foods on customers’ tables with all its flavors, blending with the creativity of the place.  This is the main reason why this is a priority on our list to where to eat in Baguio.

As one of the food servers had narrated, this place is also known as Urban Kamote, for the first tenant was known at this name, wherein they sell breads made of kamote flour.  But the real name of their food community is Ili-likha Artist Village, wherein you can dine-in and order food from different stalls.

The place is so cool.  The chairs, tables, windows and flooring seem came from junk shops or something worn out from their homes.  Then, they put all these junks together, and voila!  A great art place had been created, so artfully done.

artworks made from junks

There are several floors, intertwined to each other, and each stair was designed artistically, they even had a hanged walkway. 

It was a great experience, each step made me mesmerized with things you did not know can be saved from scrap, and be patched up to a wall or on the floor.  Just like a puzzle piece that has an exact spot on its whole scenario, so great.

Stairs that seems intertwined with art


Our steps brought us to our choice of food stall, Balbacua.

We sat down on Balbacua and ordered only a diet portion, we only wanted to try this beef stew.  It was only P40, a little less than $1.  The first sip on the soup of this stew would remind you of the different herbs and spices of Indian cuisine.  But before finishing the soup, we both agreed that it had somewhat a taste of Beef Pares, because we tasted its star anise.  The blend of the spices was incredible.  I even ate the fatty part of the beef, it was worth it.

A tasteful balbacua meal

The roasted chicken was so juicy, combined with red rice, salad and dip, a real thumbs-up!  Price is P85, about $1.7.

The mango and avocado shake were thick enough to slurp and enjoy.  It is P75 each, about $1.5, on a medium cup.

Appreciating the Place

When your other senses came back after filling your tummy, you would more appreciate the place.

Here, there are books that, I knew, you can borrow, pick a comfy seat and step on a different world while flipping each page of the selected book you wanted to read.

A small dining area will not permit diners to enter with slippers or with their shoes on.  For you can slump on the floor and dig on your food.  The floor is carpeted with rags, sewn on each side, to be attached to other rags, to form a big carpet.

Other areas have carved wooden seats done by the natives. 

This place is highly recommended for good food and entertainment, appreciating their arts and resourcefulness on turning junks into arts.

View of the artful place in Baguio City

This first experience dining here would definitely be treasured, that one would definitely be longing to come back for more.

You cannot satisfy your curiosity with just one-dined experience in Ili-Likha Artist Village.  You need to come back for another art adventure.

If you want to experience another art exposure, do visit my article about Art Deco of Far Eastern University.

New Earth Cafe and Level One Vegetarian

So we did come back, when we came back in Baguio city.  It seems an automatic urge to crawl in this place. This was our second time dining here.  The first one was in Balbacua, a cozy corner on this artful place.  But Balbacua was a little bit full of eaters, so we decided to go down on a circling, old, wooden stair, bringing us to a place where we were brought back to Jose Rizal days.   Yes, we found a paradise.  And empty one, no diners yet.   A place where carved chairs, framed painting and pictures of Jose Rizal and a vegan cuisine are all put up together combined, forming a very historical food escapade.

Jose Rizal as the theme of the food stall

Here, we ordered Raw Zucchini Noodles from New Earth Cafe.  The pasta was light and intriguing to eat.  You would see strands of zucchini for its green covering was visible.  And it was almost the same size and length of the other pasta noodles.  But the cook told us that the whole pasta plate was all made by zucchini.  There was no pasta present for they are pure vegan.  Zucchini grate like pasta noodles combined with basil pesto sauce produced this awesome plate, very nice, intriguing and nice.

We also ordered for their No Cheese Pizza.  They used wheat flour on their recipe, that’s why you would taste that the dough was different to the dough of other commercial pizzas.  Mixed mushrooms substituted the ground beef of other pizzas.  But the look was the same.  Though, our order had no cheese.  We missed a cheesy pizza.

No cheese vegan pizza in Ili-likha Baguio

The Food Concept

On this whole place, several food stalls were serving, two of them were Level One Vegetarian and New Earth Cafe.  Each has unique offer, different food theme.  It may be all vegan, sizzling, soups and other more varieties.  As you sit down, you were welcomed to order from other food stalls.  The concept was like of a food park in Metro Manila.  You can sit anywhere, and can order food on any stall.

Four menus were presented on us.  We ordered for each one of them.  But the first one, the one offering sizzling, had no sizzling sisig available.  We ordered a Burrito Real on Level One Vegetarian.  The burrito was really intriguing, for every bite, a new ingredient would pop-up…the beans, the rice, tofu strips, cheese and salsa, all arranged to tease your buds.

Burrito meal in Baguio

As mentioned, the zucchini noodles and this burrito made the tummies of the three of us so full, forgetting the 7-hour bus ride to be here in Baguio City.

2. R&B Cafe and Library

R&B Cafe and Library in Baguio

R&B Cafe and Library is located beside Baguio Cathedral.  It is in Porta Vega Mall Annex, just in front of the tiangge or dry market of souvenir shops, a great spot to consider if thinking where to eat in Baguio.  They serve rice meals and cakes, partnered with their brew.  The place is awesome and cool, especially to a book lover like me. 

R&B Cafe and Library books

The food is great and satisfying.  I have a full review of this place on my blog post:  R&B Cafe and Library, a place I will definitely come back to feel the pages of their books while lingering on their food.

R&B Cafe and Library kaldereta lunch

3. Beans Talk Bistro

Beans Talk Bistro is City Center Hotel’s coffee shop.  They offer several cakes for sweet-tooth customers.  They also had their signature coffee.  You can drop by here after strolling in Burnham Park.

Beans Talk Bistro located in Baguio

We ordered for 2 brewed coffees and a slice of Almond Sansrival.  The slice was too big for the two of us, so we did not consume it all.  But it was good and filling.

Sansrival in Beans Talk Baguio

If you enjoy the crunch or chewiness of sansrival, go and head on Sansrival Cakes of Dumaguete. And let’s enjoy each slice more!

We also took our breakfast in this Beans Talk Bistro, since we had a free breakfast privilege for staying for the night in their hotel.  Breakfast consists of two Bangsilog (Bangus, Sinangag at Itlog) and an order of French toast.  Bangus was a bit oily.  French toast was so great because of its nuts found in between each slice.

French Toast in Baguio

The ambiance was wonderful, we were up on the terrace part of the cafeteria on Session Road – a very busy one at this hour of the day.  Flowers blooming on the side and the cool air kissing on your skin had made the morning a little special.  You only need to appreciate little things around you to start the day right.

4. Mines View Park has many options on where to eat in Baguio

Mines View Park in Baguio

Mines View Park has a spectacular view of mountains, just like my other article about Itogon, both sceneries bring peacefulness on early mornings.

Outside Mines View Park, there are lots of dining areas that one can try.  We got early in Mines View Park and had a chance to eat Ube Taho, so unique, you could only find it here.

Ube Taho in a cup in Mines View Park in Baguio

We took our heavy breakfast at Bulalo Fiesta.  I thought we could sit at their terrace dine area but it was still wet, a trace left by the fog.  This food store is open 24 hours.  Imagine how one would feel if you are chewing your midnight snacks on their terrace, enveloped by the fog.  Isn’t that a looking forward event?  I would surely come back.  Good food plus nature is the best.

So, we just stayed inside their dining area and ordered for Beef Tapa.  Their Beef Tapa is soft and juicy.  It is, somewhat, more on the boiled side rather than the slightly, toasted brown from frying.  The beef is cut in whole, small portions.  It is not thinly sliced in strips, just the way beef tapa is.  And, yet, it was still great.

Here, one can enjoy his breakfast especially accompanied by their sinamak, a native vinegar, a tangy dip for the breakfast of your choice.  They sell vinegar in bottles, delivered from their main branch in Quezon City.   So, if you are from Manila, it would be easier to purchase one from their stores in Metro Manila.

5. Oh My Gulay

O My Gulay Restaurant in Baguio

Oh My Gulay Restaurant is located on the 5th floor of La Azotea Bldg, in Session Road.  The climb is simple and relaxing, you only need to take one step at a time. 

Steps to O My Gulay Restaurant in Baguio

So, as you enter Oh My Gulay, you knew that you will again witness another marvelous art works made by natives.  Yes, this is another of Kidlat’s babies.  The first one is the Ili-Likha Artist Village, the first on this list here on Where to Eat in Baguio.

Upon entering the place, your eyes would gaze on such a very unique piece.  Then, oh, there’s a small bridge above a man-made river, can I cross?  But wait, look at those stairs?  Are they made of twigs or branches?  I’d like to go up.  But there’s something here.  Oh, jars, old ones, very.  That stool seems relaxing to sit by, with your pen and notebook.  Oh, there, up there the ceiling, what was that?  Oh, no, I really wanted to go up.  Wow, wooden carved chairs and tables. 

OMyGulay arts in Baguio

Wherever you look, something different, an interesting thing, would catch your attention.  Some are too antique.  Maybe, some are not too old.  But it will make one feel how humble their old art is.  Oh, everybody will like this place.

The place has a mezzanine.  Some steps up and oh, how comfortable.  Sitting on handcrafted wooden chairs that seem you are at your own home, slouching. 

I love this, keeping the feeling in my heart.

The Food

So, now that we were settled, we took a look at their menu.  We ordered for two kinds of salad and a crepe.  These we marveled again to the beauty of the uniqueness of this artistic space, so beautiful.

The food was fantastic, very refreshing.  The crunch on each bite of their greens, would linger to your mind, not only to your taste buds.  The dressings were light.  And, after that, we indulge on the layered crepe, with ice cream as topping.

Food served in OMyGulay in Baguio

And then, a mesmerizing thing happened.  Suddenly, the time had stopped, even the beating of my heart.  Oh, I am not over-acting.  It was just it was happening.  I could not believe that here in Baguio, I could able to witness the aspiration of my heart – the sunset.  Here, on the 5th floor of the busiest road of Baguio City, would I witnessed a sunset.  The brightness of the warmth of the sun, blending with the blurring color of the clouds had signify that sooner I would get a view of the sunset, right here, in the place where the best position can a person wish to be positioned when a sunset comes.  Oh.  Good to say, good to unload in my heart.

Sunset in OMyGulay Baguio

So, as every tick of moment passed by, I never miss a second. I was watching the slow changing of the colors until the sun sets, bringing smile on my lips and peace on my soul.

A sunset like this, always quickened the beat of my heart, just like I felt in my Corong-Corong sunset in El Nido, Palawan. Loving each second, trying not to blink so I won’t miss anything.

6. Hill Station

Hill Station is the restaurant in Casa Vallejo.  Casa Vallejo is the oldest hotel in Baguio City.  It is in Upper Session Road, a bit near SM Baguio. 

Hill Station restaurant in Baguio

Dining in Hill Station will make you feel that you are eating now, yet you felt the past is passing on you.  The place is old, and it is modern.  The spirit is old, but the spark is alive.  Those are the two contrasting feeling.  They had maintained the past, yet they would let you feel that they had evolved much up to this day.  The food is great and elegant.   Even on their food, they had blended much of the old world to its new level.  The big and large windows let you view scenery that will keep you occupied while you savor on each spoonful of your food.  The whole dining experience is so pleasant and relaxing, you will plan to come back for more, and will always be on my list of Where to Eat in Baguio. 

7. Vizco’s

To complete your Baguio experience, it is a must to taste the famous strawberry cake of Vizco’s. Never miss to include this on the list of Where to Eat in Baguio.  The layered soft and airy cake, with strawberry filling in between, covered with their luscious icing.  Each bite lingers on your taste buds, and you will wonder how you had just finished a slice so fast.

Strawberry Cake in Visco's Baguio

8. Cafe Sabel

Cafe Sabel is located within BenCab Museum.  Its location is in an open air overlooking the mountain that can be trekked by those who wanted to seek adventure.  Your eyes would rest on the greenery while you are munching their refreshing food.  Their pasta had all the freshest herbs that came from their farm.  And, as you continued chewing, you will realize that even nature had been molded artistically. 

Cafe Sabel in Baguio

And there is still more, one would be entertained on their duck pond, just almost in front of Cafe Sabel.  So, you see, the place is complete, with the food and perfect surrounding, real great experience for the mind and the soul.

Duck pond in front of Cafe Sabel in Baguio

9. Te Quiero

We stayed in Microtel for two nights and we were delighted for the food offered by their dining place, Te Quiero.  Their breakfast consists of varieties of Filipino dishes, though the presence of Spanish cuisine is felt.  Food is comforting, giving one enough energy for the whole day ahead, and enjoyable, looking forward for the next breakfast of our stay.  But, we never limit ourselves only for their breakfast.  We still chose them even for our last dine-in, especially, if your ride back home is just beside them, the Victory Liner.  The place is even connected to the bus station, very accessible.  Including Te Quiero in the list of Where to Eat in Baguio had given travelers a chance to relax while waiting for their bus.

TQuiero a Spanish restaurant in Baguio

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