Where to Eat in Baler

  • Bayler View Hotel Restaurant
  • Gerry Shan’s Place
  • Chef Gerry’s Picnic Bay
  • Baler Surfer Grill
  • The Shack
  • Yellow Fin Bar and Grill
  • Aliya Surf Camp
  • Yolly’s Ihaw-Ihaw & Seafoods Resto
  • Smart Beach House
  • The Good Food
  • Rushie’s Point
  • Dialyn’s Bakeshop

I will definitely tell you where to eat in Baler. Each place I had been and every finished plate is an experience to be shared.

Bayler View Hotel Restaurant

The Bayler View Hotel Restaurant is the first dining place that I experienced Baler food.  It was breakfast.  A bangsilog, a combination of bangus (milkfish), sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg). 

bayler view hotel restaurant

The food was good and filling.  The presentation was simple yet energetic.  You see, Bayler View Hotel has great energy.  It seems it is the center of this whole Sabang beach. 

People are everywhere.  Either they are dining in, walking on the boardwalk, arranging a one-hour surfing lesson on the booth of surfing instructors, or just merely passers-by from the road to the beach. 

The energy is here.  Each had some activity to do.  The whole staff is well-awake. 

Bayler View Menu

The menu list is long that each time you order something, it became better.  That’s why it was great to have a simple breakfast to start the adventure.

Do not rush to order for lunch.  Consider taking a brunch.  If you just order their pizza, oh, that was truly remarkable.  You had different flavors to choose from.

Enjoy each slice while looking at the shore.  Munching each bite while anticipating the coming of waves.

As lunchtime approached, then, now you had all the time to stare at their menu.  You probably got a clearer mind to choose from.  After all, you already had two full snacks. 

Lots of choices.  The ambiance is energetic.  The servers prompt.  And still, there are lots of going-on.

The restaurant is big, facing the shore.  A part remained closed and would be open when the place became completely full and diners still keep coming.

bayler view restaurant

Dining in Bayler may seem a little costly.  If you are on a real tight budget, you should try first to check the menu. But the price is fair, it seems enough for the serving size and the service.

As the day wore out, people kept coming to Bayler.  Dinner time is usually full of guests. 

They usually come in big groups from families or some offices from town. Servers need to place dining tables side by side to make a long one. 

Clinging of utensils is a sweet noise.  Running of servers is like dances always in rhythm.

The energy would not die even on a late-night until the last time to order would be whispered on each table. Everyone going home satisfied looking forward for the next day.

Gerry Shan’s Place

Can you imagine eating all you can on all the foods they had prepared for you for just only P200?  Yes, 200 pesos, about $3.96. 

If you are in a grocery or a wet market, the amount itself is not enough to buy a kilo of uncooked pork.  Yet, here waiting on their tables are serving pans loaded with lots and lots of dishes.  That is, from pork, beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and desserts.

Best Eat All You Can in Baler

You can indulge in every bite.  Or you can hurry up chewing, to have a chance to eat more before you feel the fullness in your belly.

 It is amazing to have a chance to experience eating inexpensively.  You will feel that there is still value on our money.

And the way the food is prepared, not lousy or just another plain dish.  One felt how Gerry Shan’s dining place give importance to their customers.

They feed you with good worthy food.  What they offer is cheap in price but not less in quality. 

It may not be just as grand as the plated viands in high-end restaurants.  But, it still tastes good. 

The ways dishes are cooked are more from heirloom recipes which had sauces that includes adobong baboy, beef steak or asadong manok. 

Grilled pork is a must.  Munching a bbq skewered pork is always a part of a beach vacation.  Here, even if it is not on a stick, you can still savor its grilled flavor.

Varieties of fish dishes are also inviting. You still had the option if you do not want to eat meat. 

I did full my plate with crabs.  It was hard to resist. 

gerry shan's place

Chef Gerry’s Picnic Bay

Gerry Shan had opened their branch on the beach front.  Wow! You do not need to ride a tricycle to the town. 

It may involve a little long walk from the boardwalk, but it is all worth it.  If you feel tired from surfing, you can have a short ride on a tricycle. 

This branch is bigger than their first one.  They still offer lots of choices.  The parking is always full.  And nearby, a bus carrying tourists dropped the passengers on entrance.

Entrances are from the road and through the beachfront. Eaters come and go.  Not just in pairs, but by buses.  The place is too busy with all the noise coming from spading spoon and fork.

Summer Time

This happened when we had lunch in the summer.  It seemed every serving food pan placed on the table was easily swoop down by diners. 

But, I am not saying that there was a problem on food supply.  No.  It was continually replaced by another serving pan or with another variety of food. 

gerry shan's place baler

So, if you happen to like a dish and you planned to return for another serving, there is a big chance that it was already consumed.  You may lose the chance of finding it again, you need to choose another.

Several buses came that we did not actually enjoy the experience.  The place was too packed to relax. Longer lines and waiting times were needed for us to get food on our plates.

Sometimes, you need to program yourself.  That is, do not expect that the eat-all-you-can you wanted would be as quiet as the night.  It might be roaring like Baler’s waves.

Christmas Day

When we had a Christmas vacation in Baler with some friends, we hastily invited them to have lunch at the Chef Geerry’s Picnic Bay.  There were tourists but the place was not that full.

We ate happily.  Their price is still the same, same rate as the year 2015?  Would you believe that? 

When all the prices of the basic commodities are going up, Gerry Shan remained unmoved and getting strong.  We are so glad, we have found this place.

Our table just happened to be near the opening of their kitchen.  So, I did peek on their cooking. 

The set-up was really simple.  Yet, very organize.  They had lined up gas ranges with big woks. 

Real huge pans and big stove fire illustrate a Chinese kitchen.  It was quite good to see how they wonderfully prepared food for the crowd outside.

We enjoyed very much each of their dishes.  You had a lot to choose from the prepared ones on the table.

You can even stay longer.  There is no time restriction.  We happened to stay longer because of the rainfall.  It was a downpour.

And, they always bring out new dishes, especially on the dessert table. So, as time passed by and you felt that your tummy had made another space again for another batch, you would be enticed to get some food again.  It could be fruits or native rice cake.  So worth it.

Baler Surfer Grill

baler surfer grill

Baler Surfer Grill is such a very unique sight.  An old Volkswagen transformed into a griller. 

This was our third visit in Baler but the first time that we had seen it open.  Maybe because we prefer staying in Baler on weekdays where it chooses not to operate. 

Now that we had this chance, of course, we would not miss it.  So, just after going out on the beach water and before going to wash out, Ed dropped by for a table reservation. 

And we did hurry up.  So just in time it opened, we were already here and took some pics before other diners came by.

baler surfer grill food

That Volkswagen is a real griller, not just an ordinary accessory come-on.  See that thick grill smoke?

Baler Surfer Grill Menu

They offer Chicken Pinadapa and lots more…

baler surfer grill menu

We tried their Bulalo bbq.  A melts-in-your-mouth bulalo, not on a bowl of soup but bbq-ed to its perfection.  Very nice!

Their grilled fish was also good but, maybe, it would be a little bit nicer if I had a chance to directly eat from the chopping board. 

baler surfer grill fish

But, there still the Liempo bbq, that juicy, special pork part grilled superbly.  Everything was special.

The Sinigang na Sirena – sour fish soup with about two pieces of shrimp made the dinner complete.

Surf & Chill

Their fresh juice bar named Surf & Chill offers beverages.  Choose one or two from their list.  Whichever you want, they would prepare it for you smiling.

surf and chill

We chose their shakes.  And we had tasted a very refreshing shake!! Oh, that’s how a real shake is!

When we had eaten up to the last spoonful on our plate and sipped the last drop on our cup, the place was full without noticing it.   Our attention was all focus on their food bringing us to the next level. 

We stood smiling and felt heavy from the gained extra pounds.

The Shack

The Shack

We rode a tricycle to come over the place.  But if you’re staying near the beach, you can try walking on the shore. 

From Bayler Hotel or Costa Pacifica, start a little long walk until you arrived at Old Parola.  Pass-thru it and on the opposite side of the street is The Shack.  But since the sun was up, we decided a ride from a tricycle.

The Shack Restaurant Baler

The restaurant’s wood structure brings out its simplicity.  Tables and chairs were made of bamboo.

The place seemed simple but unique. Their decorations displaying Indian arts, and at the same time blended it with bamboo representing Filipino touch.

The Shack Baler placemat

A placemat with a pocket for spoon and fork, a bit unique table setup.

Our first order was Butter Chicken – Chicken chunks slow-cooked in Indian butter-cream sauce.  The spices made our tastebuds wide awake.  Our tongues heated up with the heat of the noon.  Double up your chapati and dig in.

Be ready with your hanky for sweat would start dripping.  An effect on eating spicy food but which somehow freshen you up.  Anyway, a 5-gallon water was just there at the side for rescue.

The Shack Baler aurora

Next was Chicken Biryani with Basmati Rice – A classic Indian one-dish meal.  I was very much interested in its taste.  For I had browsed about this recipe detailing its unique ingredients of cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon bark.  I wonder what a Biryani taste…hmm.

I’d like to ask the chef, at the same time the owner, but he was out of sight.  Though the server had tried to explain that their spices were authentic for it came straight from India.  So we can enjoy true Indian cuisine.  

The last entree was Pork Vindalo.  Of course, still spicy and fatty served in a clay bowl.  A pitcher of iced tea was the exact partner of all these Indian food.

But since we were already here and we really wanted to maximize our visit, let’s bring down their dessert…a carrot cake! And, of course, this was not an ordinary carrot cake.  It is called Carrot Halwa, a traditional cake. 

The Shack Baler Carrot Cake

You would definitely munch carrot shreds and bits.  Even if no one tells what cake it is and you spoon it on your mouth, you would know on the first bite that it is a carrot cake, very remarkable.

And before leaving the place, the owner showed up and gave us candied rice crispies.  It was entertaining to put a piece on your tongue, sipped and crushed it between your teeth. 

Such a great food adventure.  Though they still have Filipino selections of food, a pick from their Indian lists would make your trip very satisfying.

Yellow Fin Bar & Grill

If you want to go somewhere cozy while eating, drop by to Yellow Fin.  The vibes of this dining place would make you feel curious about what they are up to.

The place has its own bar. Music flowing, a TV, and big windows are what made up their dining area.

yellow fin bar and grill

They may not have the beachfront.  But you would not think of the beach once the food is delivered to your table.  It seemed the beach had come to you through their appetizing cooked seafood.

But Yellow Fin restaurant is not all about the yellow fin tuna.  They still offer crunchy sisig and the pako salad which Baler is proud of. 

Pako is a kind of fern that commonly sprouts in this area. Most restaurants here offer Pako salad.

Their dining is on their second floor.  You would pass their grilled corner, then a stair would lead you to where the real action took place.

The service, the ambiance, and the food were all excellent – so comforting and lots of happiness.

Aliya Surf Camp

Aliya Restaurant has so much food offered on their menu. You can choose from a wide range of choices.

Taking your meal with such a scenic view not only satisfied your belly, but you also nourished both body and soul. Each spoonful promises comfort in which you are very grateful for the chance.

alliya surf camp restaurant in baler

Their breakfast like Tapsilog had been paired with a very special vinegar that made the meal so outstanding. You’ll never just eating a plain chunk of meat when you meet their vinegar, such a great partner.

Yolly’s Ihaw-Ihaw & Seafoods Resto

Yolly’s fresh seafood piled up high made them known as the best grill and seafood restaurant in Baler, Aurora.  The lobsters and curacha displayed on shelves invite customers to come in and try them. 

But no worries to picky eaters.  If they do not fuss for the catch of the day, they still have choices of lechon kawali and other meat dishes. 

Yolly's Restaurant in Baler with lobster

If you prefer lobster cooked in garlic butter, the price is P250 each, about $5.  The 6-inch long lobster may be a little pricey but, then, such seafood like this can be really expensive.  But do not mind the price tag, the experience of eating lobster was worth every coin.

We also tried their Blue Marlin and lechon kawali. Lechon kawali is the belly part of pork that can be fried, grilled or baked. It is flavorful because of the juiciness that comes from its fat.

This was my first sight of Curacha.  It is a bit intimidating to eat. There was no special thing on its taste but quite a good experience.

Yolly's restaurant curacha

Lately, Yolly’s joined the Baler eat all you can bandwagon since many restaurants offer such kind.  Everyone is always excited about this set-up, expecting a larger number of diners.

What I will never forget dropping by on Yolly’s is their vinegar.  They sell it in plastic bottle containers. 

And, I will not mind carrying a big bottle even if I had a heavy load.  Because that vinegar is so tasty and a perfect match in everything, from dipping to your chicharons and fried dry fish.  I would never go back to Manila without one.

Smart Beach House

Smart Beach House has a small place for diners who want rice meals and quick snacks.  They had limited offers from their list but one of their specialty made them standout. 

A breakfast meal usually contains an egg, rice, and your choice of meat or fish piece, accompanied by coffee.  The special meal that I am saying is their Tapsilog – a combination of Tapa (fried marinated beef), Sinangag (fried rice) and Itlog (egg). 

The Beef Tapa , usually prepared as chunks of juicy meat, is served with strands of marinated meat deep-fried to achieve crunchiness.  A real unusual Tapa like this made me wonder how they got into thinking to revise the recipe bringing it to a new level.  That’s why, every time I visited Baler, I make sure to visit for their Beef Tapa.

Aside from rice meals, they have sandwiches and drinks.  And the best is their mini grocery that you can grab ice cream products like a popsicle or a drumstick.  You will not worry if you crave for one.

The place usually became full when guests come down from their rooms to eat.  Their guests can use a dining table or a picnic hut.

They can bring their own food and also have a privilege to ask the canteen to cook for them. 

Smart Beach House is a nice place to stay if you want to maximize eating in Baler.  You can go to the market and choose what you like and let the kitchen staff of Smart Beach House do the cooking.  They charge you just a minimal cooking fee. 

No stress. Just good eating experience while on vacation.

The Good Food

One on our list in food tripping here in Baler was this food house on the side road, The Good Food.   Eye-catching here was their Burrito. And the ice cream being a jolly answer to the heat of the glaring sun.

Choose from the menu and give your order on their counter. They would prepare it right in front of you, yes, the cooking and all the preparation. 

It was just like you tell your mom what you want, and then your mom would get her utensils, heat the stove, dump the food on pan and hoolala… you have your lunch. 

I felt that because this place was like a dirty kitchen feeling very homey, not hiding that they used old pans and pots.  Just being real.

So this is their Burrito.  Rice, meat and sauce in one, wrapped in tortilla.  Good lunch.

They also offer Chicken Quesadilla.  A thin sandwich-like tortilla with chicken in between.

the good food baler

But the best of it all is this, not in the menu.  But since we were very updated and well-informed of their food, we knew it was there.  And it was very juicy and delicious.  A must-try pork ribs!

We ordered this buko shake on a nearby beverage house, just within their compound.  A real-partner for their Good Food.

The Good Food Take-Out

On the last day of our stay in Baler, we decided to buy burgers here in The Good Food. The take out would be consumed during the long travel going back to Manila. 

We need some food to fill us up for travel would take about 7 hours or more.   No stop-over. 

They have two kinds of burgers named Burger 1.0 and Burger 2.0. The first one has 100-gram of beef patty while the second has 200-gram, both paired with cheese and dressing. We also added a Beef Burrito.

All greatly packed individually and put on a bag. And even though, it tumbled several times due to zigzag roads, the burgers remained intact.

After Four Hours

The burgers remained juicy and moist even after several hours in its packaging. I ate one 4 hours after I bought it on The Good Food Baler. My stomach began to grumble when we touched down on a smooth road, after the inclined zigzags on the road.

After Nine Hours

Nine and a half hours after I bought burgers and beef burrito from Good Food Baler, it was now in the table of our home.  So?  Are these two still edible?    

Since me and Kuya (the owner of The Good Food) were in doubt of Burrito if it will survive the long hours of travel and, at the same time,  if it would still remain good to eat. 

Kuya was not recommending it since it had tomatoes inside the burrito.  But I am willing to try, for I knew, we had no dinner here back home. 

The whole plastic of this take-out fell several times from the arm rest to my lap, and it remained intact.

Burrito had a little tear.  Good to know.  Hmm, I would just put the burger inside the ref.  I’ll just indulge in the Burrito.

And the last bite.  Ooppss, sorry. I had no chance or rather I forgot to take pics of the first munch and the next munch and then, here and take a look. 

good food baler burrito

Still okay, delicious, and very filling.  My tummy was very happy. And from here, I knew that we will never experience hunger going back home from Baler.

Rushie’s Point

Rushie’s Point is a cool place in front of Sabang Beach.  After surfing, you can visit their bar for some quick snacks or refreshments. 

The place has a small platform for live music.  Performances are held on weekends. 

rushie's point bar and resort

Lodging several times besides this beach bar, seldom we see that it was open.  So, when we had a chance on a full moon night, we quickly dived on it.  Glad that space remained vacant for a group of seven.

The soothing music welcomed us.  It may not be a live one, yet it made the place so cool. 

The feeling to look for a corner and stay for a while without doing anything was so powerful.  Just listening to the music and the waves lapping on the shore made you forgot that you need to make a choice.

Yes, a choice from the menu.  So we ordered for Margherita Pizza and Baby Back Ribs.  Both priced at P290, about $5.

The pizza with basil leaves on top made me excited for I love the combination of parmesan, mozzarella, and basil.  And they had baked it exactly to what everyone wants. 

rushie's point baler margherita pizza

Baby back ribs made me nibble those meaty parts sticking on its bones.  The tenderness fall of the bone pork is grilled excellently.

Food paired with drinks made the night lively.  What more if there was a live music? 

Coming back again in Baler in the future, I would definitely drop by to this Rushie’s Point where surfers and musicians meet merrily sharing good food and tossing drinks.

Dialyn’s Bakeshop

I cannot help but recommend this bakeshop. There is no single picture of her products on my phone. 

I hardly remember what bread I bought on them. Maybe, the bread’s taste was not that special because I did not notice it.

dialyn's bakeshop in baler

What my poor memory had saved was that there were assorted bread and cakes piled up on their shelves and chiller. 

If it caught my attention, I would have written something about it.  If it surpassed the taste or failed my taste buds, I see to it that I jotted it down. 

So, since I have no photo or writing, I should say that, well, the bread is good but not that special.  Or, maybe I have not tasted their specialty product yet.

So, why am I recommending this bakeshop?  Because I will never forget the moment when I asked the lady behind the shelf of pandesal. 

I asked her if she can let me buy just two pieces pandesal because I wanted to taste it.  She sold pandesal by the pack, maybe 10 pieces each pack.  I cannot finish that ten pieces, I just wanted a piece or two to satisfy my cravings.

What she did is opened a pack. And told me to get pandesal without any fee.  And with a smiling face.  Oh, pandesal for free. 

Maybe, a small act from others.  But, it was a big one for me.  Such big that I couldn’t forget.  Little gestures that quickened my heart. 

The best pandesal from a warm heart.  I was so shy to get two, yet, she insisted.  Have you tasted sweet pandesal?  I did. Thank you.

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