Why do we travel quotes, a frequently asked question that I wish to answer.  I make travel quotes to express my inner feelings through entangling and rhythmic words. 

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I always accompanied it by an image taken from one of my travels.  So, there is definitely an attachment to it, an attachment of whirlwind emotion during that certain trip.  So words come out deep within, the reason to answer Why do we travel quotes?

Travel Quotes Explained

Travel quotes I am referring to are quotes made from a group of words.  It is not giving travel quotes about a quotation of how much the cost of a particular journey or trip.  So, I hope I made it clear before you, my reader, go forward and read more.

Travel quotes give something to value about travel, phrased from a group of words.  They can be well-stated like a brief explanation. Or, delivered through phrases in which the words end in rhymes.

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Travel quotes are quotes based on travel experiences, information, inspirational or just to make someone smile. 

When copied from some text or a person’s speech, it certainly deserved a credit.

Quotes About Life

There are specific persons who enjoy writing quotes from their travel adventures.  The experience they felt is too much to carry that they put it out in writing that gives birth to their own travel quotes. 

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If it is made by the person itself, surely, it was exerted from the bottom of his feelings.  That’s why you find quotes with a great impact on you because of the emotions – deep and meaningful.

Quotes and Poems

Travel quotes consist of about a maximum of two lines in which can be called as a phrase.  If it would be more than a phrase, it may be considered as a short poem.

A poem is a kind of writing longer than quotes, that delivers strong emotions that has a great effect on the reader itself.  It usually has a rhythmical pattern found at the end of lines and phrases.

poem for sister

Some poems when added with the right tune and music make a nice song, a song that can reach out to more people and make it a personal collection.

So, I could say that group of words formed to express feelings can be longer to make additional phrases.  These phrases would much more deserve to be called a poem.  And, when music is applied, it is what makes it a song.

Isn’t it nice?  So, if one makes a quote and turned it to a poem, and, then, adds a tune to make it a song, it is such an insight turned to a dream producing reality. 

Oh, how powerful and contagious these words can create a great impact.  That’s why we need to be careful of every word we utter.  It can inspire or break someone.

Quotes About Appreciating Life

There are inspirational travel quotes that I had made.  These are all included in my articles.  This sunrise image in Itogon province had an inspirational quote giving a jumpstart on the day ahead. 


The words state that the new day could be positively started with new hopes and aspirations.  It is a better day ahead, setting aside the things that happened a day before. 

Yes, one cannot ignore the events that took place in the past.  But, sometimes, we need to start the day with a clear mind and a calm spirit, so we can achieve more in the present day. 

Let the past be an example to make one’s self be greater.  And linger yourself for today that is full of dreams to be fulfilled.

Quotes About Enjoying Life

Then, another travel quote from Palawan, it is just a little cheering up if you felt that you are left alone.  You see, being alone does not mean being lonely, true? 

Sometimes, you really need to be alone to reflect on the things happening around you.  So you can plan and know what to do to upcoming events of your life.

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Upon reflecting and some moment of silence, you will feel recharge and ready again to what life will throw in you.  I wrote this to inspire others to remain chill in spite being alone and just you.

Quotes About Challenges in Life

Travellers would always be thirsting to make another travel.  A feeling one had just only after landing from the airplane where they just ended one of their dream trips. 

I admit I am a wanderlust person, but, I see to it that I enjoyed every inch of my escapades.  Each journey contributes to my well-being.  It is always an eye-opener, a part of my adventure, and a welcoming challenge in life.

Never one had the same worth.  Each gave something special.  And every single one always tagged with a wanderlust travel quote.

view of daluyon beach and mountain resort

Travel Quotes

This one from Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort is a wanderlust travel quote.  Here, I explored the site and definitely awed me on how magnificent the place is.

I could not say an exact word yet I want to express what a real beauty to behold.

What is the most beautiful quote?

And, on all of our travels, we look forward to all the sunsets.  It is always an overwhelming feeling to witness such a magical scene. 

sunset at port barton

Inspirational Quotes About Life and Struggles

It will certainly erase your sorrows, exhaling the stress the entire day had brought upon your life and looking forward for a goodnight rest. 

It may not sound real.  But for a moment, while looking at the sunset, your doubts and fear subside, knowing that someone somehow loved you from somewhere. 

This sunset envelopes you and protect you for the moment its rays colored the sky.  The power of the setting sun will hold your stare while on your mind drift on the truth that beauty is still alive.  And hope never dies.  Do you feel that?

What Should I Caption A Travel Photo?

RL coastline inn in Corong Corong

There are travel quotes that I made to flow with the story I am writing.  I make quotes as I write, isn’t that cute?  It always added up to the significance of my story. 

Content with images and images with quotes are great partners, and so satisfying to read.

Travel Quotes for Couples

And, of course, love travel quotes just to sprinkle love in all places visited.  It brings a smile on each face you interact with.  There would always be the presence of a very light atmosphere once love is in the air. 

You would clearly appreciate even little things, turning negative sight to positive ones, and making hatred such a nonsense option.  Obvious on this image in Siquijor?

afraid of heights in the trunk

Always bring love on your journey.  It does not add on weight, without costing any cent, but valued highest on any aspect. 

There will always some level of stress upon traveling.  But, once you stay calm and continued bringing on positive thoughts, your travel would be light.  Lighten your travel luggage, travel light, travel with love.

Food Travel Quotes

What else to say to appreciate the mouthwatering cuisine of a certain locality?   Of course, through jumbled words, while you mumbled how tasty the food is.  I say how much I appreciate each spoonful by giving it a thumbs-up food travel quote.

Chicken Inato of Negros Oriental

Just like this one from Negros Oriental, up to now, I still dream of tasting once again.

A Travelling Qoet

As I researched how to call myself, various terms came across such as the “author of the quote” or a quotee, and some chose the word “utterer”. I respect all the terms used. Though, mine would be something unique.

As I am fond of making quotes after quotes, I am proud to say that I refer to myself as a Qoet. At least, here in my own space.

I really don’t know how to call myself since I’m not a poet in this travel blog of mine. So it sounds good as calling myself a qoet. And better named Travelling Qoet.

So be still because lots more quotes will be written, more on inspirational and uptlifting each one. All by your Travelling Qoet.

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